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Psst. Your Browser Knows All Your Secrets. | Diary Discussions | Community Forums | SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security Community - Internet Security


EchoVNC Viewer Remote DoS Vulnerability
Samba nttrans Reply - Integer Overflow Vulnerability

Wordpress Booking Calendar 4.1.4 - CSRF Vulnerability
Metasploit: Here's that FBI Firefox Exploit for... | SecurityStreet
D-Link Devices Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution
Firefox onreadystatechange Event DocumentViewerImpl Use After Free
OpenX Backdoor PHP Code Execution
Open-FTPD 1.2 Arbitrary File Upload
MiniWeb (Build 300) Arbitrary File Upload
Ultra Mini HTTPD Stack Buffer Overflow
Joomla Media Manager File Upload Vulnerability
Java storeImageArray() Invalid Array Indexing Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 - Local Color Map Exploit
Mozilla Firefox 3.6 - Integer Overflow Exploit
VLC Player 2.0.8 (.m3u) - Local Crash PoC
freeFTPd 1.0.10 (PASS Command) - SEH Buffer Overflow
Oracle Java BytePackedRaster.verify() Signed Integer Overflow
Joomla! VirtueMart Component 2.0.22a - SQL Injection
PenturaLabs/Linux_Exploit_Suggester · GitHub
WinAmp 5.63 (winamp.ini) - Local Exploit
Firefox XMLSerializer Use After Free
Oracle Java ByteComponentRaster.verify() Memory Corruption
Mac OS X Sudo Password Bypass
OSX <= 10.8.4 - Local Root Priv Escalation (py)
How to Inject Shellcode from Java | Strategic Cyber LLC


Wireshark basics 101: A very simple tutorial for beginners


AndroRAT drives the rise for DIY Android hacking tools



DEF CON Hackers Unveil a New Way of Visualizing Web Vulnerabilities - Slashdot
Pay Attention To Me: Hacking PHP sessions by running out of memory


▶ Computers {Wireless Computer Hacking} - YouTube
marxy's musing on technology: Reverse engineering network traffic with a Raspberry Pi


Apache HTTP Server CVE-2013-1896 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
Apache HTTP Server CVE-2013-2249 Unspecified Remote Security Vulnerability
Apache suEXEC Privilege Elevation / Information Disclosure
Billy Cole (ZeroSkewl) sur Twitter
Bitcoin : Alerte de sécurité pour les wallets sous Android | UnderNews
Bitcoin Bitcoind 'bitcoinrpc.cpp' Password Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Chrome’s insane password security strategy • elliottkember
D-Link DIR-600 and DIR-300 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
D-Link DIR-600 and DIR-300 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
Dropbox a Public enemy | PhrozenBlog
Google Chrome CVE-2013-2883 Use After Free Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Google Chrome CVE-2013-2884 Use After Free Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Google Chrome CVE-2013-2886 Multiple Unspecified Security Vulnerabilities
Google Chrome CVE-2013-2900 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Google Docs Clickjacking Vulnerability
IBM Java CVE-2013-3009 Unspecified Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
IBM Java CVE-2013-4002 Unspecified Security Vulnerability
Joomla redSHOP Component 1.2 - SQL Injection
Joomla Sectionex Component 2.5.96 - SQL Injection Vulnerability
Joomla! 'media.php' Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
Linux Kernel 'perf_event.c' Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Linux Kernel Ceph CVE-2013-1059 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
Linux Kernel CVE-2013-4127 Use After Free Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Linux Kernel CVE-2013-4163 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
Linux Kernel CVE-2013-4220 Multiple Local Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
Linux Kernel CVE-2013-4247 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2013-3184 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2013-3186 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2013-3193 Use After Free Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2013-3199 Use After Free Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Microsoft Security Advisory (2876146): Wireless PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 Authentication Could Allow Information Disclosure
Microsoft Windows CVE-2013-3175 Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Microsoft Windows Print Spooler CVE-2012-1851 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Microsoft Windows Uniscribe Font Parsing CVE-2013-3181 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey 'libpr0n' GIF Parser Heap Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox WOFF-Based Font Decoder Integer Overflow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Thunderbird CVE-2013-1717 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2013-0754 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey CVE-2013-1701 Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/Seamonkey CVE-2013-1702 Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2013-1709 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2013-1710 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2013-1712 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2013-1713 Same Origin Policy Security Bypass Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2013-1714 Same Origin Policy Security Bypass Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey MFSA 2013-63 through -75 Multiple Vulnerabilities
Mozilla Network Security Services CVE-2013-1620 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Multiple Cisco Products CVE-2013-0149 Remote Security Bypass Vulnerability
Open-FTPD Multiple Command Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities
OpenStack Keystone CVE-2013-2013 Password Information Disclosure Vulnerability
OpenStack Nova CVE-2013-2256 Security Bypass Vulnerability
OpenStack Nova CVE-2013-4185 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Oracle Java IntegerInterleavedRaster.verify() Signed Integer Overflow
Oracle Java SE CVE-2013-2425 Remote Java Runtime Environment Vulnerability
Oracle Java SE CVE-2013-2445 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle Java SE CVE-2013-2452 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle Java SE CVE-2013-2470 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Oracle Java storeImageArray() Invalid Array Indexing
Oracle Java storeImageArray() Invalid Array Indexing
Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-0114 Local Security Vulnerability
Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-0487 Remote MySQL Server Vulnerability
Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-3167 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2012-3180 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle MySQL Server CVE-2013-2392 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle Solaris CVE-2013-3745 Local Security Vulnerability
Oracle Solaris CVE-2013-3787 Remote Security Vulnerability
Oracle Solaris CVE-2013-3799 Local Security Vulnerability
Oracle Sun Products Suite CVE-2012-3131 Remote Solaris Vulnerability
PHP 'tidy_diagnose()' NULL Pointer Dereference Denial Of Service Vulnerability
PHP CVE-2011-4718 Session Fixation Vulnerability
PHP SSL Certificate Validation CVE-2013-4248 Security Bypass Vulnerability
PrestaShop : Un défaut de paramétrage rend vulnérable des milliers de sites e-commerce | UnderNews
PuTTY 'getstring()' Function Multiple Integer Overflow Vulnerabilities
PuTTY 'modmul()' Function Buffer Underrun Vulnerability
PuTTY DSA Signature CVE-2013-4207 Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
PuTTY Private Key 'putty/sshdss.c' Multiple Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
PuTTY SSH keyboard Interactive Authentication Password Information Disclosure Weakness
Samba CVE-2013-4124 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
Winamp CVE-2013-4694 Multiple Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
Wireshark CVE-2013-4080 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Wireshark CVE-2013-4081 Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Wireshark MPEG DSM-CC Dissector 'packet-mpeg-dsmcc.c' Denial of Service Vulnerability
Wordpress HMS Testimonials Plugin 2.0.10 - Multiple Vulnerabilities
Wordpress Usernoise Plugin 3.7.8 - Persistent XSS Vulnerability

A Cheap Spying Tool With a High Creepy Factor -
IOActive Labs Research: Car Hacking: The Content
Lab of a Penetration Tester: (Introducing) Powerpreter and Nishang 0.3.0 : Easy post exploitation using powershell - Part 1 • View topic - Sniffing GSM with HackRF
Top Five Hacker Tools Every CISO Should Understand : The State of Security
[EXCLU] Rebooter n’importe quel iPhone à distance – Blogmotion


Operating System


Actualité android, application et test pour smartphone sur le blog | phonandroid


Black Berry




Restaurer votre mot de passe root oublié sous Ubuntu et Debian GNU/Linux | crowd42crowd42




Un pirate dans votre smartphone | Data Security Breach
OVH : une protection DDoS capable d'« encaisser n'importe quelle attaque » - PC INpact


drozer - MWR Labs
TOR pour Android avec Orbot - une application proxy sur Google Play
Send Files Online -
Defcon 21 : Un système de fichiers distribués basé sur un botnet - Le Monde Informatique
PirateBrowser - No More Censorship!
Brackets | Downloads
Seeking Alpha's Mobile Apps - Seeking Alpha

infographie-stockage.jpeg (850×5272)
Darknet, la face cachée du web






Six key skills leaders need - The Globe and Mail



Le PAF-SEO, l'arme fatale en référencement
Les principaux opérateurs et commandes de Google pour le SEO - JDN Web & Tech
Décryptage de l'outil de comparaison SEO / SEA de Google
L'actualité SEO qu'il ne fallait pas manquer cet été - JDN Web & Tech
L'évolution du SEO : infographie des anciennes et nouvelles pratiques - Polynet


4 Dirty Negotiating Tricks (and How to Counter Them) |


Stock Market


How Bitcoin Works - Forbes
Raspberry Pi-powered briefcase converts loose change into bitcoin
Judge to Bitcoin: You Are Money | Wired Enterprise |
Germany recognizes Bitcoin as a “private money,” subject to capital gains tax | Ars Technica

The global oil industry: Supermajordämmerung | The Economist
America’s new $60 trillion deadliest enemy - Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch
The economy: A bubble in pessimism | The Economist
Get rich in the ‘Age of Megafires’: 2014-20 - Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch
Get rich in the ‘Age of Megafires’: 2014-20 - Paul B. Farrell - MarketWatch
Emerging markets negative feedback cycle could play out like this - The Tell - MarketWatch



Audio Book

Brain Fart


Comic Strip



Old School


8bits Retro Experiment











Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » My open-source, do-it-yourself cellphone (built with Arduino).


World's Smallest Drone Autopilot System Goes Open Source | Wired Enterprise |



Compact laser weapons inch closer to battlefield | StratRisks
Video - Libyan Forces Alleged to Have Fired at Oil Tanker -

Personal Computer

Solar-powered Ubuntu laptop boasts 10-hour battery, 2-hour charge time
HOT Watch : La nouvelle smartwatch de l'heure- Geekbecois
Zalman launches world’s first CPU liquid cooler using nanofluids | Chips |
SpaceGlasses : des lunettes de réalité augmentée plus ambitieuses que Google Glass


Wide-band WebSDR in JO32KF



Un sac à dos qui protège du piratage
inWatch One : une montre intelligente chinoise avec Android 4.2 | FrAndroid
Ces nano-capteurs sont capables de convertir la pression de vos doigts en lumière | Daily Geek Show
NASA to test frickin' laser communications link with new lunar mission | ITworld
Un mini fusil USB tirant des balles BB

Howto TOW


About the Lifeboat Foundation
Building a Modern-Day Ark for the World's Rarest Farm Animals - Wired Science


Explorer les données publiques de Google - Ramenos




Entreprendre à travers ses erreurs et ses échecs avec la méthode des 4A



The Borg Project

Ze Bookmark

Knowledge Ressources




A cometary graveyard
L’éblouissant nouveau portrait de notre voisine galactique, Andromède | GuruMeditationGuruMeditation
The Sun's Magnetic Field is about to Flip - NASA Science
From The Planetary Society: Pluto's Surprising Problem of Cartography - Wired Science
GJ 504b, une exoplanète rose découverte à 57 années-lumière de la Terre
Hubble solves the 40-year-old mystery of the Magellanic Stream | Ars Technica
Un flash à l'aube de l'Univers a illuminé une galaxie toute entière
Mapping the magnetic field of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole | Ars Technica
NASA : Nos chances de collision avec un astéroïde dans une effrayante illustration
How a Black Hole Really Works -
Scientists Shed New Light on Black Holes -


'Nightmare Bacteria' Attack an ICU and Close a Burn Unit - Wired Science
Finding Cancer Cells in the Blood | MIT Technology Review
Aphid attacks should be reported through the fungusphone | Byte Size Biology
Adam et Eve ont vraiment existé, c'est prouvé génétiquement |
4 Billion-Year-Old Fossil Protein Resurrected, Thioredoxin May Have Lived On Mars
Near-death experiences: the brain's last hurrah | Anil Seth | Comment is free |
De l'engrais et de l'électricité... à partir de légumes rejetés | Jean-François Cliche | Science
A 16 ans, elle invente un bioplastique issu de peaux de bananes | Courant Positif
Human Guinea Pig: 8 Year Old Girl May Hold Key to Immortality -
Des scientifiques ont construit un cœur de souris qui bat | GuruMeditationGuruMeditation
New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise
Emergence of H7N9 avian flu hints at broader threat : Nature News & Comment
Could we soon be reading people's MINDS? Software uses brain scans to identify exactly what people are looking at | Mail Online
On ne voit que ce qu'on le croit | Agence Science-Presse
Découverte d'un nouveau rôle pour le sodium dans le cerveau
Stem cells used to create mini-brains in the lab | Ars Technica
U. of Washington Researchers Perform First Noninvasive Human-to-Human Brain Interface, Sending Signal via Internet to Control Hand Motions | LeakSource
On a découvert la protéine responsable de l’usure de la mémoire |


Scientists create “impossible material”—dubbed Upsalite—by accident | Ars Technica
Nerve agents the most deadly of recognized chemical weapons, can kill within 10 minutes - The Washington Post

Computer Science

Des chercheurs mettent au point un nouveau moyen de stocker vos données pour plusieurs millions d’années | Daily Geek Show
Report: IBM developing computer system that thinks like a human | National Monitor
The First Quantum Teleportation In A Computer Chip - Forbes
Des processeurs au graphène à 400 GHz ! Oui, 400GHz ! -


Le réchauffement climatique s'est stabilisé depuis 15 ans - L'EXPRESS
Et si la vie sur Terre venait de... Mars ?


Human Body Version 2.0
Could Humanity Really Build 'Elysium'? - Slashdot
▶ Le recul de la mort: L'immortalité à brève échéance?: Laurent Alexandre at TEDxParis 2012 - YouTube


P4_4 Teleportation | Roberts | Physics Special Topics
KQEDScience • Here’s an excellent short animation about the...
BBC News - University of St Andrews scientists create 'fastest man-made spinning object'


VIDEO. Carl, un robot-barman, pour vous servir - Le Nouvel Observateur

Space Exploration

Twelve Months in Two Minutes; Curiosity's First Year on Mars - YouTube
NASA and ESA To Demonstrate Earth-Moon Laser Communication - Slashdot
Private Space Race Heats Up With Some Key Breakthroughs | Autopia |
DIY Space Suit Testing - Slashdot
Canada could send first astronaut to the moon within two decades - The Globe and Mail
Space Capsule Emergency Egress – Space Suit Session Day 07 - Wired Science
NASA test-fires 3D printed rocket parts: low cost, high power innovation | Ars Technica
La NASA découvre de l'eau au centre de la Lune

Chaleur - Tokyo remet en marche ses machines à pluie pour lutter contre le manque d'eau


Common Sense


Comment éviter les folles - Guide de survie pour l'homme moderne



Neandertals made the first specialized bone tools in Europe
Des civilisations méditerranéennes détruites par la sécheresse il y a 3 200 ans
Someone beat the Vikings into the North Atlantic by 500 years | Ars Technica
Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Mysteriously Unearthed In Israel -





Pirate Party of Canada
PP International


Taking pills for unhappiness reinforces the idea that being sad is not human | The Raw Story
New meta-analysis checks the correlation between intelligence and faith | Ars Technica
Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities beyond Normal Limits: Scientific American


Rising temperatures increase risk of violence, war: study - The Globe and Mail
Report: Al-Qaida developed liquid that turns clothes into explosives - Diplomacy & Defense - Israel News | Haaretz
Climate and conflict: Cloudy with a chance of war | The Economist
Royal Navy deployed laser weapons during the Falklands War
The Israel Defence Forces: Taking wing | The Economist
The Crises in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt: The Plan to ‘Divide and Conquer’ the Middle East and Why All Roads Lead to Tehran | Economics | News, Opinions & Analysis that Matters
War Games: The Syrian Military Theater Of Operations In Two Charts -
The history of chemical weapons: The shadow of Ypres | The Economist

Wake up to the aboriginal comeback - The Globe and Mail
▶ Slavery By Consent ( Full Version) - YouTube
World Socialist Web Site - Marxist analysis, international working class struggles & the fight for socialism



Anonymouth Hides Identity
Comment effacer intelligemment ses traces Web sous Google Chrome | UnderNews
Tracking devices hidden in London's recycling bins are stalking your smartphone (Wired UK)
[Tutoriel] Devenir Anonyme sur Internet | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum

Conspiracy Theory

The Government Now Admits There's an 'Area 51' - Philip Bump - The Atlantic Wire


Cyber-Sabotage Is Easy | Earth First! Newswire


Millions of Kwikset Smartkey Locks Vulnerable to Hacking, Say Researchers | Threat Level |
MIT Students Release Program To 3D-Print High Security Keys - Forbes


FBI Taps Hacker Tactics to Spy on Suspects -
The Daily Dot - 5 other countries share NSA's ability to watch your every online move
Expert Says NSA Have Backdoors Built Into Intel And AMD Processors - eTeknix
XKeyscore : le Google de la NSA, selon la presse… : Reflets
FBI can remotely activate Android and laptop microphones, reports WSJ | The Verge
Canada’s Communications Security Establishment part of a secret state-within-the-state - World Socialist Web Site
Secret NSA Documents Show How the US Spies on Europe and the UN - SPIEGEL ONLINE


Urban Exploration

Activist Post


Anonymous Newblood Wiki

A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto | cypherpunks
The Syrian Electronic Army Talks About Tuesday’s Hacks | VICE United States