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Art and Design

10 Essential Tips for Creating that Killer Portfolio | Design Sojourn
22 Artworks with Clever Use of Negative Space | Professional Web Design Blog by Insight Soft | Funny, unique and awesome costume ideas from around the world.
Building Brands for World Peace: How U.N. Makes Logos - Metropolis - WSJ
Inhabitat | Design For a Better World!
Sculpting with LCD pixels - Hack a Day
The Best Couch Ideas For Your Home | Sortrature
Twitter / brunknasty : “@MiamiDolphins: Anybody ...
Twitter / JayStoleYoBitch : @MiamiDolphins
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Visual Basic

Explore – APIs explained with shipping containers. Stellar.
The Real Reason Silicon Valley Coders Write Bad Software - Bernard Meisler - The Atlantic


CryptoPartyHandbook - CryptoParty




List of 2012’s Worst 25 Passwords Published, “Jesus” and “Ninja” Included - Softpedia
Mathematician exposes weak DKIM keys - The H Security: News and Features
Why 'Jesus' and 'ninja' won’t protect you from hackers | CTV News


Tinyproxy Header Multiple Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
Ravi Borgaonkar Says Android Phones Vulnerable To Wipeout Attack


GNU Bash Remote Stack Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Hackers Exploit 'Zero-Day' Bugs For 10 Months On Average Before They're Exposed - Forbes
Turbo FTP Server 1.30.823 PORT Overflow
Linux Kernel iptables '--syn' Rules Security Bypass Vulnerability
Linux Kernel 'uname()' System Call Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability
Industrial control systems vulnerable to remote attackers - The H Security: News and Features
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2012-3990 Use After Free Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2012-3986 Multiple Security Bypass Vulnerabilities
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey CVE-2012-4186 Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Oracle Java SE CVE-2012-3143 Remote Java Runtime Environment Vulnerability
KDE Konqueror Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
ISC BIND 9 DNS RDATA Handling CVE-2012-5166 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
Oracle Database and Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Microsoft Excel CVE-2012-2543 Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Owning Computers Without Shell Access | Accuvant
Adobe Flash Player and AIR CVE-2012-5279 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Adobe Flash Player and AIR CVE-2012-5280 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
PHP 'com_event_sink()' Function Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass


Backtrack 101-3-nmap + nse |
Tenable Network Security: #1 Nessus is an Enterprise Tool - Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Nessus
Backtrack 101-5-NetCat |


State-Sponsored Malware 'Flame' Has Smaller, More Devious Cousin | Threat Level |
Celebrities Are Lures For Scammers | Blog Central
Android apps used by millions vulnerable to password, e-mail theft | Ars Technica
French hacker captures €500,000 with smartphone trojan - The H Security: News and Features
Offensive Facebook email leads to Blackhole malware attack | Naked Security
U.S. bank website hackers used advanced botnets, diverse tools | Reuters


5 Ways To Download Torrents Anonymously | TorrentFreak


The SQL Injection Knowledge Base
Using the HTML5 Fullscreen API for Phishing Attacks »


Android Hack: Cracking WiFi passwords with your phone - Hack a Day
Backtrack 101-2-Dirbuster |
BBC News - Can we trust the code that increasingly runs our lives?
Build a POV Death Star, you will - Hack a Day
DHCP Protocol Video Tutorial-Computer Hacker - YouTube
Hackers hit small US town, steal tax payer data and $400,000 | Naked Security
LulzSec hacker pleads guilty to Sony Pictures attack, faces prison sentence | Naked Security
Our Password Habits, Revealed |
Pacemaker hack can kill via laptop | TechHive
PlayStation 3 - 'The Final Hack'?
Report Examines Eastern European Hackers Vs. East Asian Hackers | SecurityWeek.Com
Science Of Theft: Freeze A Bike Lock With Canned Air, Then Smash It With A Hammer | Popular Science
The Spooky Side of Cybersecurity [INFOGRAPHIC]
Troy Hunt: Hacking is child’s play – SQL injection with Havij by 3 year old
Verizon publie un état des lieux de la cybercriminalité par secteur, sur la base de ses rapports « Data Breach Investigations Report » - Global Security Mag Online - Information Security Services
YouTube - How to be a Computer Hacker - YouTube


United Nations wants control of web kill switch | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews |
Botnet maps the entire internet - The H Security: News and Features

Operating System


Ten Ways to Make Your Android Smarter -
Ce que je n’aime pas d’Android « TECHNOSTÉRONE Le blogue de Pascal Forget






Comment créer une clef usb à partir de LionDiskMaker - YouTube


Review: Microsoft Windows 8
Installing Windows XP From the i386 Folder or Flash Drive Tutorial
[RÉSOLU + TUTO]création multiboot d'installation ubuntu/xp SYSLINUX (Page 1) / Développement et programmation / Forum
Windows 8, sécurité accrue | Data Security Breach
Kernel crimps make Windows 8 a hacker hassle • The Register


La cybercriminalité. Pourquoi les petites entreprises peuvent perdre beaucoup
Rapport du vérificateur: Ottawa néglige la cybersécurité | Fannie Olivier | Justice et faits divers
Firefox : cinq conseils de sécurité pour Mozilla
Poste de travail : les bonnes pratiques en sécurité
Is Google about to start scanning your Android for malware? | Naked Security
Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can't Protect Us Anymore | Gadget Lab |


Phrozen Skype ROB
Network Security Toolkit (NST v2.16.0)
zap-extensions - OWASP ZAP Extensions - Google Project Hosting
YouTube Doubler | Mashup Helper
YouTube lance InVideo Programming, une fonctionnalité d'auto-promotion de vos vidéos
Google Introduces Universal Analytics for Websites
Google's Web Optimization Tool Finally Finished
Blogueurs : 10 outils à avoir précieusement pour réduire vos journées de travail | Autour du Web
Use Bcc Instead :: Add-ons for Thunderbird
Spotify : La plateforme disponible sur le web en version bêta

AT&T Starts Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Next Month, Will Block Websites | TorrentFreak
Freeside Internet Services: Doing Well With Purely Free Software (Video) - Slashdot
Infographie : évolution de l’utilisateur Windows de 1985 à 2012
SmartGlass Arrive - Geekbecois
Stolen Ideas: Apple Didn't Build That [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Disappearing Web: How we're losing the battle to preserve the Internet | TechHive
The Great Firewall: China’s Digital Margins
Who controls the internet? -


Stock Market

How To Play Google Options Post-Earnings - Seeking Alpha
An Energy Policy - Seeking Alpha
Pfizer: Big Pharma's Biggest Value - Seeking Alpha
Facebook: Short-Term Trading Opportunities, Long-Term Outlook - Seeking Alpha
Atmel To Regain Its Touch - Seeking Alpha
Potash Corporation Of Saskatchewan: Patience Needed For Impressive Returns - Seeking Alpha
Are Commodity Trading Firms Too Big To Fail? - Seeking Alpha
Costco Reports Fantastic Results, Still Like Its Dividend Growth Potential - Seeking Alpha
The Definitive Guide To Investing In Gold - Seeking Alpha
Buy Tesla As Model X Gets Government Support - Seeking Alpha
Understanding The Future Of Solar - Seeking Alpha
How Strong Is The Netherlands? - Seeking Alpha
Greece Fund's 50% Three-Month Rally Leads ETFs - Seeking Alpha
Is Visa Going To Give Investors A Giant Dividend Boost? - Seeking Alpha
Nupathe Pharma: Potentially A Triple In Stock Price On FDA Approval - Seeking Alpha
Deckers: A Compelling Risk/Reward Opportunity For Long-Term Investors - Seeking Alpha
Apple $1000: Why It's Time To Buy - Seeking Alpha
How Safe Are Enerplus's Juicy Dividends? - Seeking Alpha
Level 3 Communications: Growth Is Not As It Seems - Seeking Alpha
Jack Bogle: Forget trading, start investing - The Tell - MarketWatch
Are Stocks Undervalued? - Seeking Alpha
The Figure-4 Dead Fall Trap And 4-Biotechnology Recommendations For October - Seeking Alpha
Shorts See Bullish Historical Data For Playing Advanced Micro Devices Off Earnings - Seeking Alpha
Why Cisco And Citrix Make Sense Together - Seeking Alpha
Facebook, Yahoo stocks fall on Google report - MarketWatch
Reuters • Google has officially released their Q3 earnings...
Why I Don't Worry About Google - Seeking Alpha
How Natural Gas And Solar Panels Converge - Seeking Alpha
Microsoft profit slips as PCs fizzle; Windows 8 awaited | Reuters
Cisco Systems: Patient Shareholders Will Be Rewarded - Seeking Alpha
Google misses estimates, Motorola weighs - MarketWatch
AMD Call Confirmed Our Bullish Long-Term Bias - Seeking Alpha
5 Reasons Valero Is Worth Buying On The Recent Dip - Seeking Alpha
Get Ready For the Gold Bull Run - Seeking Alpha
Inflation, Deflation, Gold And Central Banking - Seeking Alpha
Bank stocks are leaving techs in the dust - The Tell - MarketWatch
10 lessons from the market crash of 1987 - Weekend Investor - MarketWatch
4 Reasons To Sell Merck Now And Buy It Back Later For Less - Seeking Alpha
Banking 101: How To Play This Risky Sector For Profits - Seeking Alpha
4 Reasons To Buy Microsoft On The Recent Dip - Seeking Alpha
Gold's New Battle With $1,764 - Seeking Alpha
This $10 Telecom Is A Strong Value Buy - Seeking Alpha
Buy NRG Energy: A Utility That Will Benefit From Rising Natural Gas Prices - Seeking Alpha
AMD - Near Term Revenue Outlook Is Terrible, Yet Investors Should Applaud Aggressive Restructuring Efforts - Seeking Alpha
Optimizing A High Performance Portfolio - Seeking Alpha
Buy Rising Apache Stock Before 2013 - Seeking Alpha
Gold And Silver Correction Will End Over The Next 2 Weeks - Seeking Alpha
Making Short-Term Profits In Oil Shale Stocks - Part 1 - Seeking Alpha
Making Short-Term Profits In Oil Shale Stocks - Part 2 - Seeking Alpha
5 Buying Opportunities Under $5 With Notable Upside Worth A Look - Seeking Alpha
Intel Can Survive Without AMD - Seeking Alpha
Trouble At Google - Seeking Alpha
Buy Peabody Energy, The Best Bet Among Coal Stocks - Seeking Alpha
Don't Risk Speculating On Consumer Electronics - Seeking Alpha
In Sprint We Trust - Seeking Alpha
2 U.S Banks To Buy On Improving Net Interest Margin Despite Ultra-Low Interest Rate Environment - Seeking Alpha
Dude, Where's My Revenue? - Seeking Alpha
4 Financial Stocks That Could Go Even Higher - Seeking Alpha
4 Quality Small Caps With Low Debt, Rapid Growth And Momentum - Seeking Alpha
Why Everyone Is Wrong On Google - Seeking Alpha
Hold Valero For Long-Term Gains Or Buy Now - Seeking Alpha
Abbott Laboratories: An Extra 31% With This Low Risk Technique - Seeking Alpha
The Rise And Fall Of Google's Golden Age - Seeking Alpha
5 Of The Highest Yielding Gold Stocks - Seeking Alpha
How To Position Your Portfolio For A Gold Rally - Seeking Alpha
Commodity Chart Of The Day: Silver - Seeking Alpha
Follow Buffett On IBM, You'd Only Be 14% Late - Seeking Alpha
4 Stocks Trading Below $6 That Could Be Poised To Double - Seeking Alpha
This $1 Biotech Stock Offers Limited Downside With Huge Reward Potential - Seeking Alpha
U.S. Bancorp: Rising Earnings Momentum - Seeking Alpha
Is The Market A Casino? Yes... And You Can Be The House - Seeking Alpha
The rise of the yuan: Turning from green to red | The Economist
What To Do With Ford's Stock - Seeking Alpha
Building The Ideal Municipal Bond Portfolio - Seeking Alpha
Buy Gold Now Before The Coming Rally - Seeking Alpha
3 Best Biotech Stocks For This Week (Part VII) - Seeking Alpha
Buy Microsoft Today For A 3.3% Dividend Yield - Seeking Alpha
REMX In Depth: The 5 Minute Guide To The Rare Earth Metal ETF - Seeking Alpha
This Is How You Should Invest Your Next $10K In Dividend Stocks - Seeking Alpha
The Halloween Indicator: A Stock Market Anomaly That Is Stronger Than Ever - Seeking Alpha
11 Stocks With More Impressive Margins Than Apple - Seeking Alpha
Goldman Sachs' WisdomTree Upgrade A Wise Decision - Seeking Alpha
A Primer On How To Trade Gold And Gold Stocks: Part 1 - Seeking Alpha
It's Raining Good News On Nokia - Seeking Alpha
Goldman Sachs' 'Trade Of The Century': Long Euro Vs. Australian Dollar - Seeking Alpha
Facebook, Futurama And Mobivity; A Lesson In Mobile Marketing - Seeking Alpha
Commodity Chart Of The Day: Corn - Seeking Alpha
Buy Cisco Now Before This Happens - Seeking Alpha
How To Be A Dividend Winner - Seeking Alpha
Commodity Chart Of The Day: Sugar - Seeking Alpha
Cisco's Fair Value PE Is Not 12.7 - Seeking Alpha
How Much Is Google Worth? - Seeking Alpha
Qualcomm: Benefit From Multiple Smartphone Brands - Seeking Alpha
Cisco Acquires Cloud Management Company Cloupia For $125 Million - Seeking Alpha
BlackBerry 10: Too Little, Too Late - Seeking Alpha
Reservation Rate Increases, Risk Decreases For Tesla Motors - Seeking Alpha
#442 - PUSY.TV | Everyday new naked lesbian pictures
5 Reasons Why Ford Shares Could Rise 70% - Seeking Alpha
Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week - - US Business News - CNBC
How To Use Excess Cash In Stock Analysis - Seeking Alpha
6 Growth Stocks With Positive Momentum - Seeking Alpha
Apple or Priceline? Which one should you have bought at the market peak? - The Tell - MarketWatch
RIM: Back From The Dead, Or Sucker's Rally? - Seeking Alpha
Chesapeake And GE's CNG In A Box Is Bullish For Chesapeake - Seeking Alpha
RIM Has $12 Fair Value On International Market Adoption And Growing Subscriber Base - Seeking Alpha
Extreme Undervaluation: 1 of These Stocks Can make You Very Rich — Value Stock Guide
AMD And Oracle Announce GPU Accelerated Java: An Investment Opportunity - Seeking Alpha
5 Bio-Pharmas On The Rise With Potential Groundbreaking And Lifesaving Treatments - Seeking Alpha
An Aggressive Energy Stock For Gains This Quarter - Seeking Alpha
Options trading isn’t as hard as you think - Michael Sincere's Long-Term Trader - MarketWatch
5 Financials Under $10 With Major Upside Potential To Buy: 3 Now, 2 Later - Seeking Alpha

10 nations that control the world’s gold - MarketWatch
25% Of World's Gold Buried Underneath The NY Fed? -
78 percent of Bitcoin currency stashed under digital mattress, study finds | Ars Technica
Auto Dealers Whine That Tesla Stores Are Illegal | Autopia |
Bitcoin: Monetarists Anonymous | The Economist
Can the Bitcoin Foundation build legitimacy for an outlaw currency? | The Verge
Canada’s economy stronger, but big picture same: report - The Globe and Mail
Charlemagne: Coming off the rails | The Economist
China Tops U.S. as Foreign-Investment Destination -
Currency Wars: U.S. Attack - Seeking Alpha
Daily chart: Fun with tax | The Economist
Daily chart: Global business barometer | The Economist
Daily chart: Salesman-in-chief | The Economist
Daily chart: What crisis? | The Economist
Dear Mystery Algorithm That Hogged Global Financial Trading Last Week: What Do You Want? | Popular Science
Euro zone falls into second recession since 2009 | Reuters
Evaluating the Economic Crisis |
Finding the Productivity Sweet Spot |
First-time Berkhamsted metal-detector finds one of UK’s largest Roman coin hoards, worth £100,000 - Local - Hemel Gazette
Free exchange: Concrete gains | The Economist
Gigalopolises: Urban Land Area May Triple by 2030: Scientific American
Greece Austerity Diet Risks 1930s-Style Depression: Euro Credit - Bloomberg
How Gold Investment Hurts The Economy And Becomes A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Seeking Alpha
How Mobile Tech Is Changing Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]
How to Waste a Trillion Dollars -
How Wind And Solar Power Are Polluting The Commons - Seeking Alpha
Income stagnation: Stagnation by way of the Midwest | The Economist
Japan and the IMF: Poor host | The Economist
La dette grecque est pire que prévu | Économie |
Les États-Unis pourraient devenir le premier producteur de pétrole du monde | Économie |
Live chart: GOP smacked | The Economist
Mid-sized companies: Why doesn’t France have a Mittelstand? | The Economist
Monetary policy: The end of one big stagnation | The Economist
Moody's place sous surveillance les six grandes banques canadiennes | Économie |
Oil in Russia: Unhappy families | The Economist
Our iPhones Are Depleting the Earth's Resources [INFOGRAPHIC]
Our Real Economy - Seeking Alpha
Repost: Why A Balanced Budget Is Impossible In America -
Reward points: getting a better deal - MarketWatch
Rothschilds Are Richest People On The Planet -
Saudi Arabia reveals plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy | Environment |
Stagflation Alert - Seeking Alpha
Stock Check: How Long Will the Earth's Resources Last? |
The Big 4 Economic Indicators: Real Personal Income Less Transfer Payments - Seeking Alpha
The Coinbase Blog • You Can Now Buy And Sell Bitcoin By Connecting Any U.S. Bank Account
The most powerful person in the global economy - Matthew Lynn's London Eye - MarketWatch
There's A Currency Manipulator That's Bigger Than China — And It's A Country That Mitt Romney Won't Dare Criticize -
Top Tech Jobs in Demand and Their Salaries [INFOGRAPHIC]
Un mur financier attend les États-Unis, selon Jean Chrétien | Louis Tanguay | Actualité économique
understanding-the-payments-landscape_504778e09038e.jpg (6709×4164)
What Will The Price Of Gold Be In January 2014? - Seeking Alpha
Why Microsoft Stores Will Cause A Paradigm Shift - Seeking Alpha
Why Toronto-Dominion Bank thinks Canada is 'overbuilt' - The Globe and Mail



Audio Book

Brain Fart

Top 10 des meilleures apparitions de Gangnam Style dans des films cultes | Topito
Minecraft Style ! Gangnam Style façon Minecraft
PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V vs. "Minecraft Style" - A Parody of PSY's Gangnam Style (Music Video) by VJ meahwahwah | YouTube Doubler | Mashup Helper
Les Indécents - 09 - J'en peux plus (j'me crosserai pu) - YouTube
Les Indécents - 08 - Églantine (fais dodo ma grosse truie) - YouTube
1351031280581.jpg (468×683)
tumblr_mc1wxjcF131qduclao1_500.jpg (274×750)
Intimider 10 personnalités québécoises en 1 minute (et en 2012), c'est possible. - YouTube
Noam Chomsky appears in MIT student’s ‘Gangnam Style’ tribute | The Raw Story
Twitter / YourAnonNews : Nothing like jogging shirtless, ...
r/facepalm on Imgur
Twitter / Anon_Central : Meanwhile in 'Merica, pew pew ...
Epic fire, demolition and electric Fails - YouTube


Marvel Unveils 'Iron Man 3' Teaser Trailer [VIDEO]
Watch: 15 Minutes of “Skyfall” B-Roll Footage - Softpedia
Die Laughing: The 10 Best Horror Comedies of All Time | Underwire |
Iron Man 3 Trailer - Official Marvel | HD - YouTube
Die Hard 5 : Bruce Willis dévaste Moscou dans la nouvelle bande-annonce
Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4B, Targets Star Wars: Episode 7 for 2015 | Underwire |
Disney to buy Star Wars producer for $4.05 billion | Reuters
10 sci-fi films to look forward to in 2013 | Den of Geek

Comic Strip



Old School

News - Special Promo: Pay What You Want for Interplay Games -

[Fuite] Liste préliminaire des jeux pour Steam sur Linux - Geekbecois
Comment gérer les catastrophes dans SimCity ?
[Indie] Cypher: Un jeu de fiction intéractive à caractéristiques cyberpunk - Geekbecois


8bits Retro Experiment

8-bit Gangnam Style! (강남스타일) M/V - YouTube

A Full-Scale Portal 2 Sentry Turret Replica by Weta Workshop
Circuit Board Fossils, Paintings and Other Found Object Sculptures by Peter McFarlane | Colossal
Explore – The Milky Way as a subway map, and other creative...
Seigneurs des anneaux : La bataille de la Moria stop motion en Lego
The Retro Review, An amazing, and I do mean AMAZING demo written on...


Flashmob Star Wars
Pink Floyd -The Wall (HD) - Movie By Roger Waters - FULL - YouTube




Bob le Chef Deli Pat's rap » Bob le Chef
tvty : l’application qui permet de jouer en direct avec les pubs TV
Marc Jacobs: Jack of All Shades - YouTube


Week 6 top plays - NFL Videos
Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers highlights - NFL Videos
Rookie Quarterback Bucket List – Stats and Highlights –
Site gratuit pour la gestion de pools et de statistiques - 100% sports, 100% gratuit |
Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers highlights - NFL Videos
Week 7: RedZone recap - NFL Videos
Week 8: TNF Raw - NFL Videos
NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Lions, Buccaneers fly into top half -
49ers vs. Cardinals highlights - NFL Videos
Week 5: NFL Films' top 5 shots - NFL Videos


Micro-stays: Would you book a hotel room for a few hours? | The Economist


When is the best time to give your man a blowjob? on Twitpic
PUSY.TV | Everyday new naked lesbian pictures

Video - Felix Baumgartner breaks records and successfully free jumps from Earth's stratosphere. -




How do our favorite tech companies make money?


Want a security pro? For starters, get politically incorrect and understand geek culture



Le blogue de Luc Dupont: Red Bull Stratos: quand le marketing événementiel remplace la publicité traditionnelle
Why Gen Y won’t buy what you’re selling – XYZ University
La Zone Audio • Vidéo |
the_roi_of_social_media_mdg_advertising_infographic.png (1000×4016)
How I Got a Link from the Wall Street Journal | SEOmoz
10-tendances-cle-en-marketing - medias-et-communications - techno -
Comment augmenter la visibilité de vos publications de page Facebook - Adviso | le blogue interne
Top 14 Inbound Marketing Terms You Need to Know
INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Wanted To Know About Facebook Marketing - AllFacebook
6 PR Tips for Generating Publicity for Your Startup |


20 ways to motivate your employees without raising their pay.
Tips for Building Great Startups with a Small Team -
Des bonnes attitudes à prendre dans un conseil d'administration - Dans la tête d'une entrepreneure
Least Ambitious Kickstarters: Why People Run $1 Campaigns | Wired Design |
Six vérités que tout entrepreneur ne peut ignorer - archives -
Starting out: Take the plunge | The Economist
Mistakes That Young Entrepreneurs Make - Business Insider
10 things your employees won’t say - MarketWatch
How To Find A Million Dollar Business Idea (In Minutes) - Forbes
Adam Savage's First Step of Project Planning: Make a List | Wired Design |
7 Samurai Virtues For The Modern Entrepreneur - Forbes



DIY Laser Cutter Raises Capital, Concerns | Wired Design |
Student Engineers Design, Build, Fly ‘Printed’ Airplane | UVA Today


Personal Computer

Magic Finger turns any surface into a touch interface
Hacker uses Kindle as Raspberry Pi screen | HITBSecNews
Google and Samsung Unveil a New $249 Chromebook | Techland |
Is Qualcomm the New AMD? Or the Next Intel?
Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Is Not As Easy As Pie | TechCrunch
Here’s How Microsoft’s 3mm Thin Keyboard Is Made [Video] - Softpedia
The Original Google Hardware Device Makes a Comeback | Wired Enterprise |
Texas Instruments Sees ARM Chips as Data Center Coprocessors
Cray vs. China: The race to 100 Petaflops |
Supercomputing: Deeper thought | The Economist



Android Hack: Cracking WiFi passwords with your phone - Hack a Day
Comment évaluer sa consommation de données avec son téléphone « TECHNOSTÉRONE Le blogue de Pascal Forget
Flaws allow 3G devices to be tracked - Networks - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence
Video - Samsung Plans to Mass-Produce Flexible Smartphone Screens -


Add an Arduino to a Google+ Hangout - Hack a Day
Aerial Photos of Giant Google-Funded Solar Farm Caught in Green Energy Debate | Raw File |
BBC News - Lost BBC archive of Neil Armstrong's moon landing found
Building an electric-powered longboard for under $100 - Hack a Day
Coil gun with parts pulled from an electric stapler - Hack a Day
Controlling a robot with your mind - Hack a Day
DARPA-Funded Radio HackRF Aims To Be A $300 Wireless Swiss Army Knife For Hackers - Forbes
freeSoC, for when you need 68 I/O pins - Hack a Day
Hackaday’s portal gun actually levitates a companion cube - Hack a Day
How to convert an internal combustion engine to run from steam power - Hack a Day
Laser-etched LED zeotrope looks like a circular monochrome screen - Hack a Day
License Plate Frame Foils Irksome Traffic-Light Cameras | Raw File |
New HAL Exoskeleton: Brain-Controlled Full Body Suit to Be Used In Fukushima Cleanup
Night Vision Watches and Video Recording Glasses - We Visit The Real-Life Q - IBTimes UK
Smartwatch : un étui pour avoir votre smartphone au poignet
Speech recognition on an Arduino - Hack a Day
Stare deep into this well-lit interactive infinity mirror - Hack a Day
Tutorial explains the concepts behind an IMU - Hack a Day
USB to RS-232 adapter hacked to use RS485 instead - Hack a Day
Video Preview: New IOIO prototype - Hack a Day

Howto TOW






Explore – The trigger to transition between styles in this...
The Wisdom of Crowds | Brain Pickings
If the World were 100 People |
why-dont-people-work_507454a371331.png (1224×792)
November 2012's Hottest Gadgets | Popular Science



The Borg Project

Ze Bookmark

Knowledge Ressources ~ Campus Navigator
Sixty Symbols - Physics and Astronomy videos



Les pirates informatiques iraniens, ennemis numéros 1
Defense chief calls cyberspace battlefront of the future | Reuters
Army readies offensive cyber attacks | Defense Tech
Le Canada et la militarisation de l'internet | Alain McKenna, collaboration spéciale | Internet

10 Ass-Kicking Warplanes You've Never Heard Of | Danger Room |
Air Force Video Compares Facebook, iPhone to Atom Bombs | Danger Room |
Germany’s army: No shooting please, we’re German | The Economist
Iran has advanced drone technology: defense minister | Reuters
Iran Launches Submarine and Destroyer into Gulf During US Naval Exercises -
Military drones zero in on $400 billion civilian market | Reuters
NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists -
Navy's Top Geek Says Laser Arsenal Is Just Two Years Away | Danger Room |
Share » Pentagon developing robotic soldiers for future wars
Switzerland Prepares Army for Euro Zone Fallout - Yahoo! Finance
The Pentagon Doesn't Trust Its Own Robots | Danger Room |
U.S. Defense Secretary Warns of a Possible 'Cyber-Pearl Harbor' - Slashdot
US military expands drone program in North Africa - YouTube
Watch a Robotic Navy Boat Shoot Missiles for the First Time Ever | Danger Room |
Woohoo, It's the Future of War! | VICE


10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps – HackRead
17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat - The Oatmeal
50 Prison Slang Words To Make You Sound Like a Tough Guy - Mental Floss
A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems - YouTube
Do Dogs and Cats Understand Us? | VICE | US, Canada launch joint cybersecurity plan
Hexaflexagons 2, Vi Hart Elaborates on Flexagons
How Goldman Sachs Protects Itself From A Hundred-Year Storm - Seeking Alpha
How much do cats actually kill? [Infographic] - The Oatmeal
How Much Would a Real James Bond Cost Taxpayers? [INFOGRAPHIC]
How To Tell If You’re A Boltzmann Brain | Thought Catalog
Hurricane Sandy from Space on Twitpic
Le rêve prend forme - L'amphithéâtre de Québec se révèle - YouTube
Les vidéos de chats vont enfin avoir leurs Oscars !
Marines, police prep for mock zombie invasion - Yahoo! News
Monsanto tries to criminalize saving seeds, drags farmer into court -
Teens pulled over while driving their wooden roadster - Hack a Day
The Perks of Working From Home [INFOGRAPHIC]
Tim Tebow awarded trademark to Tebowing -
Tumblr Is for Fashion, YouTube Is for Music [INFOGRAPHIC]
Twitter / PerleDuDin : Les femmes ninja d'Iran ! Haha ...
Un annuaire de sites Web destinés aux tout-petits... (via @thot)
Watch a Tire Explode in Super-Slow-Mo | Autopia |



"Images" from the edge of a black hole - Boing Boing
11 Deep Space Photos You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped |
A dying star weaves a spiral in the night | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
A HUGE solar filament erupts into space | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Astronomers Discover Milky Way’s Hot Halo
Black Hole Behemoth Shreds Baby Star System : Discovery News
Citizen "Ice Hunters" help find a Neptune Trojan target for New Horizons | The Planetary Society
Does Triton Have a Subsurface Ocean?
DPS 2012: The most detailed images of Uranus' atmosphere ever | The Planetary Society
ESA Portal - Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth
First images of particle jets at edge of a supermassive black hole | Ars Technica
Galaxies Near and Far - NASA Spitzer Space Telescope
Galaxy formation: The new Milky Way : Nature News & Comment
Here’s how long we have before Earth is uninhabitable | SciGuy | a blog
How Cosmological Supercomputers Evolve the Universe All Over Again - Slashdot
How large is the observable universe? « NOVA's Physics Blog: The Nature of Reality
Hubble Goes to the eXtreme in Stunning New Deepest View Ever of the Universe
Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist
Incredible Cosmic Spiral Helps Unravel Details of Stellar Evolution | Wired Science |
Isotopic Evidence of the Moon’s Violent Origins
Largest Sky Map Revealed: An Animated Flight Through the Universe - YouTube
Monster Black Holes Lurk at the Edge of Time
Moon's magnetic umbrellas may shield future spaceships - space - 03 September 2012 - New Scientist
NASA | Computer Model Shows a Disk Galaxy's Life History - YouTube
New Evidence That the Moon Was Created In a Massive Collision - Slashdot
New planet discovered in Earth's back yard | Reuters
nPVXL.jpg (1400×1200)
NuSTAR catches a black hole’s hot belch | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Photo Album - Imgur
Supercomputer Recreates Universe From Big Bang to Today | Dark Energy |
The Astrophysicist’s Alphabet – Starts With A Bang
The Cosmological Supercomputer - IEEE Spectrum
Two Stars Do a Short-Orbit Tango Around the Milky Way’s Black Hole
Updated Theory: A Huge Chunk Of Earth, Blasted Away In A Collision, Is Now The Moon | Popular Science
What Happens When Supermassive Black Holes Merge?


Big, Smart and Green: A Revolutionary Vision for Modern Farming | Wired Science |
Breakthrough study overturns theory of 'junk DNA' in genome | Science | The Guardian
Cancer-Fighting DNA Nanorobots Could Target Specific Cells for Repair | SciTech Daily
Chilling Brain Scans Show the Impact of a Mother's Love on a Child's Brain Size : Science/Tech : Medical Daily
DNA has a 521-year half-life : Nature News & Comment
Explore – The science of what marijuana does to your brain,...
Interactive Fractal Tree of Life Zooms In On Earth's Entire Evolutionary History | Popular Science
It's Okay To Be Smart • demodeus: Molecular Visualizations of DNA -...
Nanoengineers can print 3D microstructure blood vessels in mere seconds
Ocean fertilization experiment alarms marine scientists - The Globe and Mail
Stem Cells Show Early Promise for Rare Brain Disorder | Wired Science |
Super Bacteria Create Gold - Slashdot
The Great Tree of Life |
Using Gut Bacteria to Fight Diarrhea - ScienceNOW
Which Produce is in Season? |


Computer Science

Australian researchers create world’s first working quantum bit - Professor Andrew Dzurak, Dr Andrea Morello, university of new south wales, quantum bit, quantum computing - CIO


Explore – 35 seconds of pure awe – NASA timelapse footage of...
Hurricane Sandy Is Even More Impressive From Space | Wired Science |
Look! Up in the sky! It’s…it’s… it’s an amazing optics display | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Our Story in 1 Minute - YouTube


"What Will a Civilization a Million Years Ahead of Earth Look Like?"
The Billion Year Plan
NASA backs solar power satellite | Green Futures Magazine
2N8dG.jpg (960×754)
Fusion Propulsion Z-Pinch Engine Concept


5 Ways The Brand New Dark Energy Camera Will Utterly Change Our Understanding Of The Universe | Popular Science
BBC News - Shortest laser pulse lasts just 67 attoseconds
Can You Make a Laser from a Black Hole? : Discovery News
Einstein's math may also describe faster-than-light velocities -
Explore – 30 seconds of breathtaking awe at physics – watch...
Minute Physics: Why E=mc² is Incomplete
Physics duo create tractor beam using dual Bessel beams
Proposed 4-dimensional crystal clock will keep perfect time even after the heat death of the universe
Quantum teleportation over 143 kilometres using active feed-forward : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
Relativity: Ten minutes to Alpha Centauri? | Skulls in the Stars
The periodic table of tech | TechHive
Time Crystals « Azimuth
Why Not To Keep Your Liquid Nitrogen In A Sealed Container | Popular Science
Why Pink Doesn't Exist: An Illustrated Stop-Motion Science Explanation in 60 Seconds | Brain Pickings
Why String Theory | a layman's journey to the frontiers of physics


Swarm Robots Cooperate with AR Drone - YouTube

Space Exploration

0060MH0037002000E1_DXXX.jpg (1632×1200)
50-years-exploration-huge.jpg (3861×1706)
Apollo/Saturn V Tribute - YouTube
Canadian Space Agency unveils prototype fleet of rovers - Technology & Science - CBC News
Curiosity Rover Finds Rock Type That's Never Been Seen on Mars | Wired Science |
How Space X's Falcon 9 Rocket Flew After Losing an Engine | Motherboard
Interstellar Travel May Be Easier Thanks To New Findings - Space News - redOrbit
Lifeboat News: The Blog
Mission 26 The Big Endeavour on Vimeo
More evidence that Voyager has exited the solar system | SciGuy | a blog
NASA Remembers Neil Armstrong in a Moving Short Film | Brain Pickings
NASA Working On Refueling Satellites - Slashdot
New Exoplanet Is Twice Earth's Size — And Made Largely of Diamond | Wired Science |
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Landing from Helo - YouTube
Shuttle Endeavour's California flyover, as seen from an FA18 - Boing Boing
Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Scientists could aim derelict telescope for moon impact
The First Men on the Moon: The Apollo 11 Lunar Landing
This concept art from the Shuttle Program's early days is gorgeous, deliciously retro

385667_483148355039514_1976721878_n.jpg (500×480)
Electric Cars: Less Environmentally Friendly than They Seem - Ideas Market - WSJ
Exclusive: Pioneering scientists turn fresh air into petrol in massive boost in fight against energy crisis - Home News - UK - The Independent
Geologists Plan To Drill 6 Kilometers Down – All The Way To Earth’s Mantle! | Singularity Hub
Mohamed El-Naggar Hot-Wires Bacteria To Build Semiconductors | Popular Science
The Best Way to Find Aliens: Look for Their Solar Power Plants - Ross Andersen - The Atlantic
The tech behind Felix Baumgartner’s stratospheric skydive | ExtremeTech
Why is the sky dark at night? | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine


Common Sense

Conspiracy Theory

Micro-Drones Combined With DNA Hacking Could Create A Very Scary Weapon - Business Insider
All Three Branches Agree: Big Brother Is the New Normal | Threat Level |


Les gens intelligents sont parfois très cons | Yves Boisvert | Yves Boisvert
Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' - YouTube


Explore – Networked Society – Seth Godin and others on the...
Explore – You avoid stalling out in your creative career by...


Five Ways to Boost Your Facebook Privacy - Digits - WSJ
Pourquoi les médias sociaux choisissent-ils le bleu? « djoannfal
Une nouvelle arnaque Facebook (et quoi faire) « TECHNOSTÉRONE Le blogue de Pascal Forget
Facebook : fini la visibilité gratuite! - blogues -
Facebook Psychology: Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds? |
Predicting what topics will trend on Twitter - MIT Media Relations



Clay Shirky at TED: "How the Internet will (one day) transform government" - Boing Boing
Frontières : cachez ce mur qui ne sert à rien | Le blogue Géopolitique
La réalité politique, selon Lucien Bouchard « Le blogue politique du Journal
Live stream of second presidential debate -
Muslim, Jewish, And Western Leaders Attack Free Speech, Through The U.N. -
Passation de pouvoir en Chine | Médium large
Politicien: un métier toujours plus difficile
The Aerican Empire
the hope and the hype of technology
Tout le débat en sept vidéos doublées en français


47 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Should Know About Yourself - Business Insider
Body and mind: Political strength | The Economist
Explore – [T]he problem with unforeseen delays is you can’t...
Explore – On your own, you can do whatever you want - it’s...
Explore – The art of the metaphor, animated.
Finding the Productivity Sweet Spot |
How Do You Spot a Genius? - Slashdot
How to confuse a moral compass : Nature News & Comment
John Cleese on the 5 Factors to Make Your Life More Creative | Brain Pickings
Les animaux en toute conscience - Libération
Santé, bien dormir: le temps de sommeil nécessaire dépend de l'âge (PHOTOS)
Test-Prep City: Are You Smart Enough for Gifted Kindergarten? - Metropolis - WSJ
The American Scholar: Much Ado About Acting - Jessica Love
The Psychology of Liberals and Conservatives | GeekDad |
Want to Erase Fear Memories? Put Down the Booze, Pick Up the Pot. : The Last Word On Nothing

Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech - The Washington Post


The REAL Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan -
50 years ago, a U-2 flight that nearly sparked a nuclear nightmare - The Globe and Mail
DNA Analysis May Reveal When Humans Stopped Having Sex With Neanderthals : Science/Tech : Medical Daily

Insight: If Caucasus erupts, war could spread | Reuters
Orwellian Nightmare or Technological Utopia? -
We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say | Motherboard
Nice Job Creating More Terrorists, You Morons … -
Green lifestyle choices won’t solve the climate problem | Grist
How the NDAA Directly Threatens Average Americans, and How You Can Take Action Now « Amber Lyon
U.N. calls for 'anti-terror' Internet surveillance | Politics and Law - CNET News
In Pictures: Destruction and fear in Syria - The Globe and Mail
How to speak French like a Quebecker – Le québécois en 10 leçons | Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips
Siege of Bani Walid, Day 20: ‘Militia committing genocide’ – RT source — RT
The "Copycat" War: Iran Strikes Back - The Diplomat
Anonymous • Seven months after the end of the war, acclaimed...
U.S. No Longer Has Protestant Majority, Study Finds -
LA Times - Austerity measures are protested across southern Europe
Anti-austerity marches turn violent across southern Europe | Reuters
Israël ou la guerre en direct sur YouTube, Twitter et Facebook
Rockets hit near Tel Aviv as Gaza death toll rises | Reuters
Video: Protesters storm Greece-Germany austerity meetings - The Globe and Mail
Israeli troops move toward Gaza after rockets jolt Tel Aviv area - CBS News
Surreal Instagrams From Israel Defense Forces Soldiers
Gaza awaits ground invasion in terror - YouTube
Israel's military begins calling up 16,000 reservists | Reuters
Pakistan blocks mobile service over terror threats - Khaleej Times
75,000 U.S. Troops May Be Needed to Grab Syria Chemical Arms -
News from The Associated Press
Iran ready to sharply increase nuclear work in bunker -IAEA | Reuters
More Syria officers, soldiers and families defect to Turkey | Reuters



Soon Security Cameras Will Be Predicting Your Next Move
Canadian police urge Parliament to pass domestic spying bill | End the Lie – Independent News
FBI Now Working 24/7 to Investigate Hackers and Network Attacks
Do you trust the government with your computer?



Naval intelligence officer sold military secrets to Russia for $3,000 a month - The Globe and Mail


Urban Exploration

[PHP] ~=<[ #OPLIBERATION ]>=~ -
1.000.000 de comptes Facebook pour 5$ | Data Security Breach
75 Israeli Websites defaced by CapoO_TunisiAnoO for #OpIsrael – Hack Read
89 Child Porn sites taken down by Anonymous | E Hacking News [EHN]
A word about how Anonymous has changed and the reactions. : anonymous
Adobe Hacker Says He Used SQL Injection To Grab Database Of 150,000 User Accounts - Dark Reading
Anarcho Anon • #Anonymous Welcomes You To #OpWhyIFTP -
Anonymous : lancement de Tyler le 21 décembre
Anonymous : Les hacktivistes se mêlent au conflit israélo-palestinien
Anonymous : PROPAGEZ LE VIRUS / 21 Décembre 2012 - Project Mayhem 2012 #PM2012 - YouTube
Anonymous (Feat. Vashelite) - YouTube
Anonymous Attacks Israeli Websites To Show Gaza Support In Conflict
Anonymous Hackers leaks 1.35GB Italian State Police Data | THN Security and Hacking News
Anonymous hacktivists to launch TYLER: “WikiLeaks on steroids!” – EXCLUSIVE interview, part 1: Voice of Russia
Anonymous Is Going After Zynga For Mistreating Employees, It Has Leaked Confidential Documents And Games | TechCrunch
Anonymous Italy hacks Italian State Police - National Anonymous |
Anonymous warns Israel against continued bombing of Gaza – The Express Tribune
Anonymous: #OpPRQ #OpPiratebay - YouTube
Brazilian Website Hacked Down By LulzSec ~ The Hackers Blog [ THB ] - World's Most Renouned Blog for Security And Anonymous Voice
Burning Man 2012 flyover - Boing Boing
buy Guy Fawkes mask - Google Search
Cyberattaque contre le gouvernement du Québec: un suspect arrêté | Justice et faits divers
DIGITAL-INTIFADA: #OpIsrael #AntiZionist #FreePalestine #Anonymous
Follow The Leader - YouTube
Hacker leaks source code of NASA website belongs to US Government computer | THN Security and Hacking News
Oakland Anti-Anarchist Vigilante Group Declares War on Black Bloc | Anarchist news dot org
Operation ‘Vendetta’ has begun |
Opération Fuck The System
OpIsrael - Gates of Hell - YouTube
OPSEC for hackers - Free uncensored text hosting
Russian Website Selling Hacked Servers: Report hacked. Notified by ebolabad
The Hacker Academy
Twitter / 57UN : Priceless! So why, exactly, ...
Updated Anonymous Doc We Are Legion Gets Online Release | Underwire |
Video: Tour the First Retail 3-D Printing Store In The U.S. | Popular Science
Vingtaine d'éditeurs d'antivirus visitée par un hacker
We Are Legion - Movie Review - 2012
Who is Anonymous? - YouTube
Why Computer Companies Should Copy The Fashion Industry | Techdirt


Zombies : Une infographie pour survivre à une attaque