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Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows Creation of Giant Higgs Boson Mural | Underwire |











Security : John Melton's Weblog





PHP: News Archive - 2012




Visual Basic

Elegant navigation bar using CSS
Socio-PLT: Quantifying Programming Language Perceptions


How many seconds would it take to break your password? | ITworld
HOWTO securely hash passwords - Boing Boing
Linkedin password statistics -
MD5 passwords 'no longer safe' | HITBSecNews
xkcd: Password Strength
Your Anon News • How To Make an Unbreakable Encrypted USB Drive...




Distribution of passwords between men and women
How To Encrypt And Decrypt Files Using Openssl | md5 cracking results


New DoS tool lets a single PC bring down an Apache server | Ars Technica


[Xen-devel] Xen Security Advisory 7 (CVE-2012-0217) - PV privilege escalation
Blog «
CVE-2012-2122 : Serious Mysql Authentication Bypass Vulnerability | The Hacker News
ISC Diary | IPMI: Hacking servers that are turned "off"
logrotate Gentoo Linux 'var/log/' Symlink Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Metasploit: New Critical Microsoft IE Zero-Day ... | SecurityStreet
Microsoft IIS 6.0 and 7.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities
Microsoft Security Advisory (2719615): Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution
Mozilla Firefox SeaMonkey and Thunderbird CVE-2012-1943 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
New Mac Virus Discovered, Making the Rounds - Slashdot
PaulDotCom: Archives
PHP 'apache_request_headers()' Function Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
PHP-CGI Exploitation by Example - SpiderLabs Anterior
Serious MySQL authentication bypass vulnerability found - Metasploit module already released | HITBSecNews
Simple authentication bypass for MySQL root revealed - Update - The H Security: News and Features


Website Security - Acunetix Web Security Scanner


BBC News - Flame malware makers send 'suicide' code
Crypto breakthrough shows Flame was designed by world-class scientists | Ars Technica
Deconstructing the Flame virus: How it works and causes havoc - Decoder - YouTube
Flame Malware: Architecture And Characteristics
malware-lu - technical analysis - Google Project Hosting


home |


A Lazy Pen Tester’s Guide to Testing Flash Applications - The iViZ Blog
BeEF - The Browser Exploitation Framework Blog: BeEF up: Installing BeEF
PaulDotCom: Archives
Sql Injection Tutorial Basics
Video: Attacking XML preprocessing


Kismac Full Tutorial: How To Crack Wep &Amp; Wpa With Kismac
Wardriving With Kismet And A Gps.

Android App Lets You Steal Contactless Credit Card Data - Slashdot
Android app steals contactless credit card data - Applications - SC Magazine Australia - Secure Business Intelligence
Beef Tunneling Proxy (For Fun And Profit)
Black Hat USA 2012 | Assessing and Exploiting Web Applications with Samurai-WTF
Dns Over Icmp Redirect Mitm With 0X4553-Intercepter
Ethical Hacking Tutorials |Penetration Testing Lab | Learn How to Hack: Hacking Tutorials For Beginners
Hack Forums
Metasploitable 2 Exploitability Guide | SecurityStreet
PaulDotCom: Archives
PwnieExpress Blog, Raspberry Pwn: A pentesting release for the Raspberry Pi


Comprendre l’IPv6 en infographie - Le blog du Modérateur
I2P - Wikipédia

Operating System


How to Restrict Android App Permissions - How-To Geek
How to Root Your Android Device & Why You Might Want To - How-To Geek
New Android malware disguised as security app - CSO Online - Security and Risk
Revealed! The top five Android malware detected in the wild | Naked Security





GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline
Liste des distributions Linux - Wikipédia



Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button | Enterprise | News | PC Pro


5 Must Know Things About Server Security | IT Security Column
Networking Nuggets and Security Snippets: The Information Security 80/20 Rule
Startup Wraps User Tasks In Virtual Containers - Dark Reading
What do current generation firewalls lack? - IT Security


5 services en ligne pour les concepteurs et les développeurs Web | Autour du Web
Are you using Tor?
CDBurnerXP: Téléchargements
EtherPad: Open-Sourced!
Google Chrome - Découvrez un navigateur rapide pour PC, Mac et Linux
Notepad++ Home
Paste HTML: free anonymous HTML hosting
Télécharger ::
Télécharger LogMeIn Hamachi | LogMeIn Hamachi
Unitag QR Generator - Créez de jolis QR Codes gratuitement - Découvrez nos offres Premium - Unitag - Rendre le monde cliquable
WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files

[PacketFence-users] New Web-based Configuration Tool!
30 Awesome 404 Error Page Designs | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content
Be the Master of Your Own Domain With a DIY Webserver - Wired How-To Wiki
Berkeley Law's first Web Privacy Census is out and it's troubling | Security & Privacy - CNET News
In Pictures: CSIRAC - Australia's first digital computer - PC & Tech Authority
The 100 Punchcard Turing Machine
Top 10 Important command prompt's commands ~ Learn Ethical Hacking~BTS


Stock Market

Ted Turner's renewable energy company and Southern Co. team up to buy a major solar-power farm in Nevada. - The Tell - MarketWatch

A Cashless, High-Value, Anonymous Currency: How? - Slashdot
A two-income family today is poorer than a one-income family was in the 1970s - Democratic Underground
America's economy: Recoveries and lost decades | The Economist
America’s budget woes: Shift this cliff | The Economist
America’s political system: State of renewal | The Economist
Canadian wheat: As high as an elephant’s eye | The Economist
Canadians are richer than they think - The Globe and Mail
Daily chart: Hidden treasures | The Economist
Daily chart: McWages | The Economist
Daily chart: The world's shifting centre of gravity | The Economist
Focus: Natural gas reserves | The Economist
Free exchange: Silicon sally | The Economist
Global warming: The vanishing north | The Economist
Greece and the euro crisis: The world is watching | The Economist
Greece and the euro crisis: The world is watching | The Economist
Infographic: How does a cash mob work? | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Iraqi oil: Lots of black stuff | The Economist
Joseph Yam and big currencies: My money is bigger than yours | The Economist
Keynesian investment: Returns fit for King's | The Economist
L'argent Dette (2010) Paul Grignon - YouTube
Natural gas: Shale of the century | The Economist
PBS NOVA: Mind Over Money - YouTube - Luc DUPONT / marketing de la Formule 1 avec GIP
Schumpeter: Adieu, la France | The Economist
Taiwan carbon nanotube company targets projected $4 billion carbon nanotube market in 2017
The global economy: Start the engines, Angela | The Economist
The global economy: Start the engines, Angela | The Economist
The Inevitability Of US-China Conflict -
The next consumerization revolution: Your personal data | Consumerization Of It - InfoWorld
World energy markets: A year of change | The Economist
Your Anon News • 2012 Federal Budget



Audio Book

Brain Fart

54727410151760649750596192282409n - - Hébergement d'images gratuit
Charest tient ses promesses - Ici Louis-José Houde - YouTube
Monday Thru Friday: This May Be a Problem - EPIC FAIL Funny Videos and Epic Fail Funny Pictures
Twitter / microbole : Le camp d'entraînement de


Comic Strip



Old School

I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result. : gaming
L’histoire des jeux vidéo en 3 minutes

RELEASING WORLDWIDE JUNE 12 - News - Indie Game: The Movie - A Video Game Documentary
Rockstar Creates 'Cheaters Pool' For Game Hackers - Slashdot
Watch Dogs: La théorie du chaos - Geekbecois


8bits Retro Experiment

Toronto subway system map, Mario style - Boing Boing

Banana Phone The Flash - YouTube
Boutons de manchette USB R2-D2 - Geekbecois
What Happened to Cyberpunk? | Motherboard


"In the Hall of the Mountain King" - Played on Musical Tesla Coils - YouTube
Les Marmottes Aplaties
Mononc' Serge - Le joual - YouTube


Colbert Nation | The Colbert Report | Comedy Central
CUTV Montreal: Making Media Matter | Local Content by the Local Community

Le monde c'est de la



Video: Hockey Night in Canada's playoff montage is pretty awesome -



Methode Cauet - Les plus belles fesses au monde avec Laura - YouTube
Paulina Gretzky Pictures: Wayne's Daughter Posts Racy Photos on Instagram
Virginie Caprice montre ses seins sur NRJ12 - YouTube

How to Smoke a Cigar ~ Infographic | Sex, Cigars & Booze Lifestyle Magazine





5 Things Every Organization Can Learn From Anonymous - Forbes



How Search Works - YouTube
SEO for Facebook – New Video Revealed | Search Engine Journal
White hat and Black hat SEO mp4 - YouTube

Pourquoi les photos de McDo ont l ’air si appétissantes » - Le Patrouilleur du Net


10 networking tactics that most people screw up | Articles | Main
Les cinq grandes tendances de la consommation...
Ten tips for using your blog to launch a business - The Globe and Mail
The etiquette of networking in the nude - The Globe and Mail



[DIY] Organiser ses câbles avec des rouleaux de papier toilette - Geekbecois
This $35 DIY Computer Is Going to Sail Across the Atlantic | Wired Design |


Personal Computer



Apple Steps Into Patent Fight To Unnecessarily Silence A Little Girl | Techdirt
Eben Moglen: Time To Apply The First Law Of Robotics To Our Smartphones - Forbes
Game of Phones: How the World Downloads iOS, Android Apps
Wilderness Survival Cell Phone | The Art of Manliness


Contest Alert: Calling All Makers, Hackers, and Backyard Inventors | Wired Design |
Hacking Fiber Optics - YouTube
Phreaking - Wikipédia
Turning an Arduino into a USB keyboard - Hack a Day
Unfixable Computers Are Leading Humanity Down a Perilous Path | Gadget Lab |

Howto TOW



iHack 2012.2 : un album sur Flickr
Mise à jour de mi-année |
Mission Possible - Introduction et mise en contexte - YouTube
Mission Possible - Prise de contrôle d'un poste à distance - YouTube
Mission Possible - Usurpation d'identité par téléphone - YouTube
Montreal Police Live Scanner Audio Feed
Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency
Quebec Scanning
Top Secret America: Who is TSA? |


This PC-On-A-Stick Costs $74 USD



Explore – Ray Bradbury’s fulfilled predictions, in an...
Futurology: Imagining the world in 2050 | The Economist
Powershift: Alvin Toffler on the Age of Post-Fact Knowledge and the Super-Symbolic Economy (1990) | Brain Pickings



The Borg Project

Ze Bookmark

Knowledge Ressources



Cyberguerre : Corée du Sud vs Corée du Nord | UnderNews
Cyberweapons: Bold steps in a digital darkness? | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Germany confirms existence of operational cyberwarfare unit - News - Stripes
Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new cyberweapons • The Register
Is U.S. in Iran Cyber War? | The Diplomat
Obama’s cyber attacks on Iran were carefully considered, but the nuclear arms race offers important lessons. - Slate Magazine
Stuxnet and the Rewards (and Risks) of Cyber War : The New Yorker
Stuxnet Will Come Back to Haunt Us -

Discreet by Design: How HyperStealth's Algorithms Build Better Camo | Wired Design |
Layer 8: US Navy’s high-resolution radar can see individual raindrops in a storm
Lockheed U-2 Flight - 70,000ft (2 Seat TU-2 Trainer) - YouTube
Nuclear Weapons |
Picatinny engineers set phasers to 'fry' | Article | The United States Army
Secretive Air Force Space Plane X37B Lands | Video |


China Pirates Austrian Village - Slashdot
Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it | Ars Technica
Du Coca-Cola alcoolisé | Ailleurs sur le web
Explore – 56 years of tornado tracks, visualized.
Explore – Christoph Niemann breaks down sleep agony and...
Gold Part II: Mining and Supply |
How The Internet Will Reboot Civilization - Forbes
Israel steps up email border checks | The Australian
Le « point de non-retour » pourrait être atteint d'ici 100 ans | Changements climatiques
Motor racing: Difference Engine: Shape of cars to come | The Economist
Note interne du NPD sur la loi C-38 - QuébecLeaks
Operation High Roller , une fraude financière mondiale hautement sophistiquée | Data Security Breach
Plot holes in Prometheus, delivered in a monotone - Boing Boing
Project PM
Qu ’arrive-t-il si vous inversez le nouveau logo de Twitter? » - Le Patrouilleur du Net
Quieter traffic: When the rubber hits the road | The Economist
Remembering Ray Bradbury with 11 Timeless Quotes on Joy, Failure, Writing, Creativity, and Purpose | Brain Pickings
Small-Town Cops Pile Up on Useless Military Gear | Danger Room |
Syndicat de la fonction publique et parapublique du Québec | Avis de convocation - École nationale de police du Québec - Grève générale du personnel de l'École nationale de police du Québec
Technology - Bill Davidow - What Happened to Silicon Values? - The Atlantic
The Intersection Between Cyberespionage And Cybercrime - Dark Reading
Ville de Québec - Travaux et incidences sur la circulation
We Love Tiny Houses and Apartments, But 16 Square Feet Is Just Too Small. : TreeHugger
Жизнь камней / Das Rad - YouTube



657111main_1-SOT_120606_venus_ca_nc_yellow_001_color_full.jpg (960×722)
Amazing Transit of Venus Images From Around the World
BBC News - Dark matter tracks could give earliest view of Universe
Cannonball star blasts away from the scene of the crime | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
DailyTech - "Water-World" Discovered Only 41 Light Years From Earth
Does a galaxy filled with habitable planets mean humanity is doomed?
Exo-Planet Hot Flareup - YouTube
Extensive Water in Interior of Mars and Details on the Ice in the South Crater of the Moon
First Light Image for NuSTAR
Moondust: Nanoparticles in Lunar Soil May Solve Mystery - TIME
NASA | SDO's Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit - YouTube
Odd Alien Planets So Close Together They See 'Planetrise' | Kepler Mission |
Press Release - How the Universe Escaped its "Dark Ages" - Subaru Telescope
Scale and Order of the Planets Diagram - Space Facts
ScienceCasts: Why Won't the Supernova Explode? - YouTube
symmetry breaking » Blog Archive » Scientists discover that Milky Way was struck some 100 million years ago, still rings like a bell
The Size of Milky Way Stars |
The Venus Transit and Hunting for Alien Worlds : Discovery News
Transit of Venus - a gallery on Flickr
When Galaxies Collide: The Final Fate of the Milky Way | Surprising Science
World's First HDTV Image Of 'Earth-Rise' Over Moon - YouTube


Canadian researchers thwart Ebola virus - The Globe and Mail
CU-Boulder-led team finds microbes in extreme environment on South American volcanoes | University of Colorado Boulder
DIY biology | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Federation of American Scientists :: Biosafety Level 3 and 4 Labs
Government Unveils First Map Of All The Germs In The Human Body - Forbes
Later Terminator: We’re Nowhere Near Artificial Brains | The Crux | Discover Magazine
Superbug vs. Monsanto: Nature rebels against biotech titan — RT
The Scientific Cure for Hangovers | Brain Pickings
Un jeûne de 86 millions d’années | EXPLORA |


Computer Science

Intel Reveals Spin-based Neuromorphic Chip Design with up to 300 times lower energy computation
Quantum storage system with long-term memory
Technology - Daniel C. Dennett - 'A Perfect and Beautiful Machine': What Darwin's Theory of Evolution Reveals About Artificial Intelligence - The Atlantic


618486main_earth_full.jpg (8000×8000)
All sizes | Blue Marble 2012 - 'White Marble' Arctic View | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Explore – A breathtaking timelapse visualization of the...
Ridiculously awesome photo and time lapse of a stormcloud at twilight | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
The global environment: Boundary conditions | The Economist
The Manhattan Project, A Stunning Time-Lapse of New York City


"What Does It Mean for a Civilization to be a Million Years Old?"
Lunar Base or Space Station? (1983) | Wired Science |


Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe | Inside Science
Explore – The Pitch Drop Experiment – a physics experiment...
First observation of the hall effect in a Bose-Einstein condensate
Is Dark Matter a Glimpse of a Deeper Level of Reality? | Critical Opalescence, Scientific American Blog Network
Meteorite Hunter Discovers New Mineral | Wired Science |
New battery technology could store 9 times as much as current lithium ion batteries
Slinky Drop Answer - YouTube
What Happened Before The Big Bang?


Android-Controlled Battle Robots Go To War (Video) - Slashdot
Gigapixel Camera Sees Far More Than Meets the Eye | Wired Science |
Robot ethics: Morals and the machine | The Economist
Robot Hand Beats You At Rock, Paper, Scissors 100% of the Time - Slashdot

Space Exploration

Home - Mars One
New Mineral Found In Meteorite - Slashdot
Two Space Missions Planned To Look For Killer Asteroids - Slashdot
ArduSat -Access to a Satellite in Space for as Little as $350 | International Space Fellowship
Pillow Astronaut Space Map - Locations of Space Agencies Worldwide: NASA - ESA - RFSA - JAXA - ISRO - CSA
Pentagon's Zombie Satellite Program Comes to Life | Danger Room |
Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror - YouTube
Spy Telescope - Deep Sky Videos - YouTube
ScienceCasts: Voyager 1 at the Final Frontier - YouTube
The Smell of Space | Letters to Earth
Space mining could reap riches - Technology & science - Space - -
China and the Moon | The Once and Future Moon
Spaceflight Now | Dragon Mission Report | PHOTOS: Dragon cargo returned to NASA
ArduSat - Your Arduino Experiment in Space by ppl4world — Kickstarter
Photo Album - Imgur
NASA Adopts Two Spare Spy Telescopes, Each Maybe More Powerful Than Hubble | Popular Science

MIT Research Amplifies Invisible Detail In Video - Slashdot
Secret corpse flights, pizza boy delivery routes and the daily commute: Stunning aerial images reveal never-before-seen side of America | Mail Online


Common Sense

Conspiracy Theory

10 Suppressed Inventions - YouTube
Arte : Scientologie - O.S.A (FR) - YouTube
Histoire du Canada dans le Nouvel ordre mondial, de 1867 à 1993. « Le DÉCODEUR – média citoyen
Microsoft, the CIA and NSA Collude to Take Over the Internet
New World Order Blueprint Leaked :
Obama Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Cognitive Infiltration of Conspiracy Groups - YouTube
Occupy Bilderberg




7 Things You Need to Know About the Evolution of Social Media | Smedio
Ever Imagined a World Without Internet? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Facebook concept used by sixteenth century scholars, researchers discover
How Much Are You Worth to Mark Zuckerberg? |
Infographie-OverBlog.jpg (800×2563)
Seven more tips for getting retweets on Twitter | Econsultancy
The Numbers Behind Teen Video Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]
World Map of Social Networks - How-To Geek
Yammer, le réseau social des entreprises, est acquis par Microsoft |  Triplex, le blogue techno de Radio-Canada



15 raisons de ne pas voter libéral | Coalition Avenir Québec
Daily chart: Give peace a score | The Economist
How to start a revolution: Learn from Iceland! - YouTube
Le Parti Pirate au Québec | Protégeons notre démocratie
Le rapport Duchesneau pour les nuls |
le socialisme pour les nuls
Loi 78 (Québec - Wikipédia
Obama Administration: $1.5 Million For Sharing 24 Songs Is Perfectly Reasonable | Techdirt
Obama's Kill List and the End of the Post-9/11 World - Esquire
Plan d'action | Coalition Avenir Québec
Politwoops - All deleted tweets from politicians
Russia and Syria: Autocrats together | The Economist
The Battlespace of Online Piracy |
The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Crash Course |
UN Takeover of Internet Must Be Stopped, US Warns - Slashdot
Une campagne de peur | C'est bien meilleur le matin
United States Pirate Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
What kind of Canadian are you? Take our (unscientific) Canada Day quiz - The Globe and Mail


5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People, Animated | Brain Pickings
Cone-de-Dale.png (875×505)
How to Build -- and Keep -- an Engaged Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]
Quick study: Satoshi Kanazawa on intelligence: The disadvantage of smarts | The Economist
Research Shows That the Smarter People Are, the More Susceptible They Are to Cognitive Bias : The New Yorker
RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature - YouTube
The Importance of Frustration in the Creative Process, Animated | Brain Pickings

Alerte Rouge.flv - YouTube
Anonymous Opération Québec - YouTube
Anonymous Quebec 21 avril 2012 manifestation. Trop c trop !!! - YouTube
Anonymous répond au gouvernement Québécois #OpQuebec - YouTube
Beloeil : des manifestants arrosés » - Le Patrouilleur du Net
Bref, c ’est la révolution » - Le Patrouilleur du Net
Comment l’humour sur Twitter est devenu une arme de destruction massive | Atlantico
Daily chart: Bongoland | The Economist
Daily chart: Welcome to America | The Economist
De nouvelles coordonnées d’acheteurs de billets du Grand Prix en ligne | Politique | Actualité | Le Journal de Montréal
Déjà Vu at Rio+20 | The Nation
Extrême inc. | Chroniqueurs | Opinion | Le Journal de Québec
Grandes-gueules inventives #GGI: une chronologie web de la grève étudiante
Greece riots: Athens burns, police fire tear gas as violence flares up - YouTube
Grève étudiante québécoise de 2012 - Wikipédia
How to Build -- and Keep -- an Engaged Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]
Icelandic members of parliament on the run from angry crowd 1. october 2010 - YouTube
Icelandic October revolution. - YouTube
International - Eric Garland - How Quebec's 'Maple Spring' Protests Fit With the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street (Sort Of) - The Atlantic
Journée de manifestations au centre-ville de Montréal | David Santerre | Montréal
L’âge des extrêmes | Chroniqueurs | Opinion | Le Journal de Québec
L’évolution des inégalités dans les pays industrialisés : le point sur la situation | Érudit | L'Actualité économique v84 n3 2008, p. 241-262 |
La crise sociale vue par Jean-René Dufort (15 juin 2012) - YouTube
La foutue démocratie | Yves Boisvert | Yves Boisvert
London Riots - Police Overrun in Woolwich (8th Aug 2011) - YouTube
Manif nocturne: 10 000 personnes dénoncent la loi spéciale | Émilie Bilodeau et Philippe Teisceira-Lessard | Conflit étudiant
March 29 2012 - Riots in Spain Barcelona General Strike Spanish Riots - YouTube
May Day Directory: Occupy General Strike In Over 135 Cities |
May Day Occupy protests - live coverage | World news |
OpSupport Greece mp4 - YouTube
Québec : Ma journée en prison pour avoir lu 1984 dans le métro «
Quebec student strike: hot summer of protest ahead; Interview with CLASSE leaders | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal
Revolution day 2 in Iceland - YouTube
Riot in Iceland - 21 january 2009 --- day two - YouTube
Riots In Italy February 2012 - YouTube
Terrasse du bar St-Bock attaquée par des policiers (video) #ggi | Yannick et Cie
Texting and Driving: A Crash Course [INFOGRAPHIC]
Twitter / PacoLebel : Voici pkoi la Police éloi
Video: Gangs, guns and drugs in Chicago - The Globe and Mail
Vidéos : le top 10 de la crise étudiante » - Le Patrouilleur du Net
Your Anon News



AnonOpsFr: Dissimuler votre IP ne suffit pas à vous rendre anonyme.
AnonOpsFr: Le guide super secret de la sécurité
AnonOpsFr: Le guide Tor en une image (VO)
conseils - #francophone
Data snatchers! The booming market for your online identity | Security - InfoWorld
EtherPad: bupkogot
HTG Explains: Learn How Websites Are Tracking You Online - How-To Geek



Urban Exploration

#AnonBloc - Revolt
120 secondes - L'invité : Xsyfrost_89 - YouTube
AnonOpsFr: F.A.Q.
AnonOpsFr: Guides
Anonymous - Project Mayhem 2012 - Leak it ALL! Call to Action. - YouTube
Anonymous - Rejoindre le réseau IRC Installation de base et configuration des outils
Anonymous Hackers and Activis Canada
Anonymous publie une vidéo filmée à Sagard | Le Devoir
Anonymous vu de l'intérieur | Alain McKenna, collaboration spéciale | Nouvelles
Black Bloc - Introduction - YouTube
Calendrier des événements « Bloquons la hausse
Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes - CLAC-MONTRÉAL » How to join Anonymous a beginner’s guide
How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down | Threat Level |
Le pirate de sites militaires se saborde
MoPad: Untitled 3
MoPad: YYCOO24wii
Qui sont les Anonymous ? - Inside Electronic Pipo
ReZoAnonymous #Video #Anonymous #AnonOps
ReZoCitoyen | Anonymous Francophone
Rise Like Lions: 10 Points on the Black Bloc / An Anarchist Distro
Six personnes arrêtées pour des cyberattaques
Timeline of ANTISEC as Created and Operated Under FBI Supervision
UNDERNEWS.FR Journal d'actualité informatique, sécurité et underground
Your Anon News • Make it happen 2012 - second transmission
Your Anon News • rules of the internet
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