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October 2011



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TEAM JOCH vs. Android: The Ultimate Showdown (ShmooCon 2011) on Vimeo


The Slackware Linux Project
Gentoo Linux -- Gentoo Linux News
Page d'accueil du Projet Fedora
Homepage | Ubuntu



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MySQL :: The world's most popular open source database


Hackfest 2011 : Québec, Canada


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Art & Design

Time lapse digital painting - Boing Boing
STEVE JOBS: His 10 Best Quotes about art and creativity - Comic Riffs - The Washington Post
35 Brilliant Resume Designs at - Design Blog & Inspiration

Brain Fart

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Venn diagram: Platypus playing a keytar
Architecture Firm Helps Us Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse | Design Contest for Zombie Safe House | LiveScience
How hemp got high: Canadian scientists map the cannabis genome
Simon's Cat - Double Trouble
Snoop Dogg portrait in marijuana by artist Jason Mecier - Boing Boing
12 Craziest Sculptures -
tumblr_lsoac1ZZuG1r3ckvao1_500.jpg (500×625)
epic-fail-photos-drive-thru-fail.jpg (500×375)
fedora: om nom nom

Common Sense

Keeping warm during Occupy: Tent and Sleeping arrangements - YouTube
Steve Wozniak Is “A Little Afraid” About The Future Of Apple (TCTV) | TechCrunch

Conspiracy Theory

Théories du complot Illuminati - Wikipédia
Nouvel ordre mondial - Wikipédia
Illuminés de Bavière - Wikipédia
Théorie du complot - Wikipédia
Théories du complot maçonnique - Wikipédia



Mathematically detecting bubbles before they burst
Modern Banking: How We Get Cash (Infographic) | Bank of America & Debit Card Fees | Internet Banking & ATM Cards | LiveScience
Income Inequality Reaches Gilded Age Levels, Congressional Report Finds
Why Economic Models Are Always Wrong: Scientific American
Les Canadiens sont mal préparés pour les coups durs | Canada
World's Biggest Supplier of Rare Earths Stops Production for a Month | Rare Earth Minerals | InnovationNewsDaily
L'économie russe et la démocratie | Hélène Baril | International
Stockmarket returns in the 20th century: Go-go to oh no | The Economist
America and China: Is China a currency manipulator? | The Economist
The death of Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs and America's decline | The Economist
What Banks and Lenders Know About You from Social Media
The Big Ideas podcast: Adam Smith's 'invisible hand' - audio | Comment is free |
Financial markets: Déjà vu | The Economist
Financial markets: The subprime continent | The Economist
R&D spending | The Economist
Visualizing a debt-free future - The Globe and Mail
Effective tax rates: Taxing times | The Economist
Le Gestionnaire Borg
Capitalism and its critics: Rage against the machine | The Economist



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Old School

Ping Pong 3D




8bits Retro Experiment

8-bit creatures in a music video by Anne Lucht - Boing Boing
Subway station decorated with pixelart inspired by 8-bit games - Boing Boing
FOX Retro, Television Shows as 8-Bit Pixel-Animated Video Games


Android smartwatch smackdown!
Electric DeLorean to be Released in 2013



Phalangiste Aryen

Knowledge Ressource

Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main Page - Encyclopedia Dramatica




Navy’s Distinctly UFO-Like X-47B War Drone Makes First Flight in Cruise Mode | Popular Science
Infographic on the history of space launches - Boing Boing





Exoplanetology: Dude, Philosophy on Aliens is Disappointing


Satellite Battleground in Space? : Discovery News
Chelsea Clinton For Congress?


What Will Turn Us On in 2030? |




NASA Studying Ways to Make 'Tractor Beams' a Reality | International Space Fellowship
Scientists reach the heights with gecko-inspired tank robot (w/ video)
Mechanical engineer creates robot Venus Flytrap
Workings of molecular motor revealed
Video: Monkeys Demonstrate Brain-Controlled Arm With a Sense of Touch | Popular Science


Fusion researchers see frozen pellet tech as way to control ITER's plasma as well as fuel it
Why we think there's a Multiverse, not just our Universe : Starts With A Bang
High-quality white light produced by four-color laser source
The Big Bang: What Really Happened at Our Universe's Birth? | Big Bang & Inflation | Cosmology & Origin of the Universe | LiveScience
Dark Matter Gets Darker: New Measurements Confound Scientists | Cold Dark Matter Model | Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies | LiveScience
Quantum Diaries
"Faster-Than-Speed-of-Light" Result --Stumps CERN's Top Brains
Flat universe
The mystery of dark matter just refuses to be solved
Quantum Levitation - YouTube
FQXi Community
Why Einstein was wrong about being wrong
A microscopic view on quantum fluctuations
NASA - Ambitious Hubble Survey Obtaining New Dark Matter Census
CERN Lectures on Cosmology and Particle Physics | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
Unknown Laws of Physics May Control Growth of Black Holes
Time reversal: A simple particle could reveal new physics
Physicists turn liquid into solid using an electric field
How a Team of Enthusiasts Are Mapping Dark Matter | Popular Science
Abuse From Other Universes – A Second Opinion
Scientists at Cern's Large Hadron Collider near end of the search for the Higgs boson | Science | The Observer
Researchers change the color and shape of a single photon
"Spacetime has No Time Dimension" -- Radical Theory Claims that Time is Not the 4th Dimension (Today's Most Popular)
Gravitational waves that are 'sounds of the universe'


NASA Study of Clays Suggests Watery Mars Underground - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Astrobiologists discover 'sweet spots' for the formation of complex organic molecules in the galaxy
A surprising look at ingredients of galaxies - Technology & science - Space - -
A star with spiral arms
Image of the Day: The Grand Spiral Galaxy --What Resides Within?
Endless Void or Big Crunch: How Will the Universe End? | Universe Evolution & Big Bang Theory | Big Crunch, Big Rip & How the Universe Will End |
Press Release - Subaru's 3-D View of Stephan's Quintet - Subaru Telescope
The Universe Today: What It All Looks Like Now | Big Bang Theory & Formation of the Universe | Dark Matter & Dark Energy |
Cold chemistry: Icy dust specks could provide interstellar staging ground for complex organic chemical reactions
Nature's laws may vary across the Universe
Halloween Pictures: Ten Spooky Objects in Outer Space
Our galaxy's gas hides a mystery substance that's soaking up light
First Simulation Of The Supernova That Fathered Our Solar System - Technology Review
Millisecond pulsar in spin mode
Dying Stars and their Planets
Biography of a star
Venus scientists fear neglect : Nature News
Planets smashed into dust near supermassive black holes
BBC News - Stars concoct complex molecules
New clues to the origin of creation - CBS News
Alien-friendly zone gets extended | Skymania News and Guide
Three new planets and a mystery object discovered outside our solar system
Top Ten Horrors of Alien Planets : Discovery News
Giant Waterworld Confirmed Around Naked Eye Star  - Technology Review
APOD: 2011 October 26 - In, Through, and Beyond Saturn's Rings
Ancient Galaxy Signals End of Dark Ages of Universe
Image of the Day: The Eerie Beauty of "The Black Widow" Pulsar
Hyperclusters of the Universe Hint that Something is Behaving Strangely
Stunning Loops and Filaments on the Sun Today
Space Pictures This Week: Baby Planets, "Magic" Mirrors, More
Image of the Day: The Red "Dead Zone" of the Pinwheel Galaxy
How the Milky Way killed off its satellites
Press release: How Milky way's first stars killed the satellite galaxies
The 6 Most Mind-Blowing Things Ever Discovered in Space |
Was the universe born spinning? -
When did the giant impact that formed the Moon take place?
Solar System Science | Phobos as seen from Mars and Orbit
Is Mercury Alive After All? - News from Sky & Telescope -
Missions proposed to explore Uranus - Technology & science - Space - -
Hubble, Journey Through the Orion Nebula - YouTube
New Mystery on Mars' Forgotten Plains | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
Distant Galaxies Provide Timeline for Universe's Early Days | Distant Galaxies, Big Bang & Cosmology | ESO Very Large Telescope | LiveScience
A hidden world revealed: Titan | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
APOD: 2011 October 12 - Saturn: Shadows of a Seasonal Sundial
The skies reflect our spinning world | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Gigantic Gas Cloud on Collision Course with the Milky Way
Dailymotion - Compare our galaxy to IC 1011 - a Tech & Science video
The 6 Most Awe-Inspiring Space Images Ever Taken By X Ray Technicians | I Can Has Internets
Welcome To The Heart Of The Milky Way…
New Discovery: Active Galactic Nuclei of Black Holes Found at Core of All Galaxies
Subtly Shaded Map of Moon Reveals Titanium Treasure Troves
Venus has an ozone layer too, space probe discovers
Could Mars be Between Ice Ages? Experts Say "Yes" (Today's Most Popular)
Mars Express Observes Clusters of Recent Craters in Mars's Ares Vallis | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
APOD: 2011 October 9 - Nobels for a Strange Universe
Astrophysics and extinctions: News about planet-threatening events
First scan of 'space between the stars' in Milky Way looks like a nest of vipers | Mail Online
World's most complex telescope takes first pictures of deepest space in quest for more knowledge of outer universe | Mail Online
Well, at least light pollution makes for a pretty time lapse | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
APOD: 2011 October 6 - M82: Starburst Galaxy with a Superwind
Exoplanets seen by Hubble in 1998 finally revealed | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Nuclear power to the stars
You've Got Asteroids: Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan Reborn As Space Rocks | Asteroids 12818 Tomhanks and 8353 Megryan | Solar System Main Belt Asteroids |
Martian Atmosphere Supersaturated with Water?
Weekend Feature: MESSENGER Lens Solves Mercury's Mysterious "Bright Patches" & Unique Magnetic Field
NASA Supercomputer Simulates Early Evolution of Universe | NASA Supercomputers & Universe Structure, History & Evolution | Big Bang, Dark Matter & Astronomy |


Pollution and evolution: Waters of change | The Economist
Research duo uncovers clues about why 'fingernails across a chalkboard' is so horrible
A new idea in search for alien 'footprints' - Technology & science - Space - -
The Smallest Astronauts: Scientific American
Cat physics – and we are not making this up | Education | The Guardian
Whether we know it or not, we can 'see' through one eye at a time
From whales to earthworms, the mechanism that gives shape to life
T. rex bigger than thought, and very hungry | Reuters
Scientists turns liver cells directly into neurons with new technique
Scientists find stem cell reprogramming technique is safer than previously thought
What gets turned on when a female gets 'turned on'?
How the brain makes memories: Rhythmically!


Huge Crack Discovered in Antarctic Glacier | | Antarctic Ice Melt, Iceberg Formation, Pine Island Glacier Crack | NASA Operation IceBridge |
got geoint? » Article » Stunning Global Maps Illustrate How Humans Have Taken Over the Planet
Aurora Borealis And Eastern United States At Night (ISS) - YouTube
Android Dreams: Time-lapse Tokyo Homage to Blade Runner - Boing Boing
NASA - A Look Back at a Decade of Fires
Antarctic Ozone Hole 5th Largest on Record | Global Warming & Ozone Depletion | South Pole & Global Warming | LiveScience
NASA Satellite Sees Fall Colors in Northeastern United States and Canada | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Paris From the Bird's Eye View (180 pics)
everest webcam
How Many People Can Planet Earth Support? | When Will the Human Population Start to Decline? | LiveScience
Space junk in our orbital trunk :| | Geekation: where geeks go
EcoAlert: Antarctica Ozone Hole Reaching Record Size
Is This the Most Amazing Time Lapse Video Yet? (Spoiler: It Is)
Moon Shadow Makes Atmospheric Waves : Discovery News
Five Reasons You Should Care About the New Ozone Hole Over the Arctic | Popular Science
Did NASA Find a 500-Kilometer-Wide Asteroid Crater Beneath Antarctica?


City lights could reveal E.T. civilization
Future Incredible! - Is it time to reconsider the nuclear option?
Beyond the PC | The Economist
Consumerisation: The power of many | The Economist
Where Should the 1st Interstellar Starship Go? Astronomers Want to Know | 100-Year Starship Symposium & Interstellar Travel | Nearby Stars With Planets & Future Space Exploration Concepts |
pre_and_post_terraforming_by_1wyrmshadow1-d4av6wp.png (3000×1568)

Space Exploration

Inside China's Space Rendezvous Success (Infographic) | China Space Program & Chinese Spacecraft | Shenzhou, Tiangong 1 & Human Spaceflight |
Commercial Space Firms Make Progress on Orbital Taxis for NASA | NASA & Commercial Crew Development Program | Private Spaceflight |
BBC News - Getting the measure of dark energy
Pandora's box | COSMOS magazine
NASA - NASA Robotic Lander Test Flight Nov. 4 Will Aid in Future Lander Designs
Dailymotion - Moteur Magnétique - une vidéo Actu et Politique
Race To Mine The Moon Heats Up | Fox News
Pentagon’s Secret Space Plane Could Be Astronauts’ Next Ride | Danger Room |
The Evolution of the Spacesuit | Wired Science |
Russia eyes caves on moon for setting up a lunar base
Future Incredible! - Mining the Moon: Possible and Practical?
Cosmic Log - Will China take over the moon?
The Science Fiction Writers' Guide to Space: Propulsion: Not just rocket science
Mars Science Laboratory: The Landing-Site Specialist
NASA to Test New Solar Sail Technology feature
Astronauts as Alien Life Hunters? : Discovery News
NASA History: Small Steps Giant Strides pt1-2 1983 commentary by Isaac Asimov 15min
Secretive New Space Shuttle? | Flashpoints
Secretive X-37B US Space Plane Could Evolve to Carry Astronauts | Space Planes & Human Spaceflight | Air Force X-37B Program & X-37C Space Plane Designs |
Move Space Station Parts Toward The Moon? | AVIATION WEEK
Infographic on the history of space launches - Boing Boing
Educated Earth // Articles - Astronomy - Soviet Union's Top 5 Space Missions
Bizarre Video: China’s Tiangong 1 Space Lab Animation set to ‘America the Beautiful’ Soundtrack
Abandoned Places - Кладбище спускаемых аппаратов.
Train tracks in space | The Zingularity
Sex poses big challenge for interstellar travel - Technology & science - Space - -


Major breakthrough improves software reliability and security
Researchers showcase cylindrical mirror on iPad
Image processing: The human (still) beats the machine
The Ten Most Amazing Databases in the World | Popular Science
Purdue Newsroom - New hybrid technology could bring 'quantum information systems'
TAM Panel - Our Future in Space - YouTube
Stretchable graphene transistors overcome limitations of other materials
Engineers at Yale develop new type of mechanical memory
Biological computers come closer to reality
TapSense touchscreen technology distinguishes taps by parts of finger (w/ video)
Chris Harrison | OmniTouch
New knowledge about 'flawed' diamonds could speed the development of diamond-based quantum computers
'Thinking machines' will run future power grids
Computing power: A deeper law than Moore's? | The Economist
Progress in quantum computing, qubit by qubit
Physicists move one step closer to quantum computer
Always Innovating: Introducing the Smart Book

TAM Panel - Our Future in Space - YouTube
First Issue of Space Quarterly Magazine Released - SpaceRef Press
The Known Universe by AMNH - YouTube
Video Show: A Blueprint of the Universe | Big Bang, Universe Creation & Evolution | History & Future of the Cosmos |
Voyager's Golden Record tracks - YouTube
Accelerate physics with your own computer | iSGTW
20 Things You Didn't Know About... Fire | Environment | DISCOVER Magazine
Qu8k - BALLS 20 - Carmack Prize Attempt - High Altitude Rocket On-board Video - YouTube
Slinky Drop Answer - YouTube
Will the Aliens Be Nice? Don't Bet On It -
Where Do Alien Civilizations Hang Out? : Discovery News
Feynman explains beauty and science - Boing Boing



Life's Extremes: Smart vs. Dumb | Intelligence & IQ Tests | Human Brain & Mysteries of the MInd | Savants & Geniuses | LiveScience
Scientists pinpoint the brain circuitry linked to making healthy or unhealthy choices
Cara Santa Maria: WATCH: Talk Nerdy to Me: The Science of Fear
Dear Photograph
6 Guys in a Capsule: 520 Days on a Simulated Mars Mission | Magazine
Why computer voices are mostly female -
I Live in the Future and Here's How it Works, by Nick Bilton: an exclusive Boing Boing excerpt - Boing Boing
Emptyage — Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It
29 life lessons learned in travelling the world for 8 years straight | Fluent in 3 months
Drunk, powerful, and in the dark: The paradox of the disinhibited
Computational Model of Peace Predicts Social Violence, Harmony | Wired Science |
Neuroscientists pinpoint specific social difficulties in people with autism
» on wanting stuff :mnmlist
Keeping track of reality: Why some of us better at remembering what really happened
Why Do Some People Learn Faster? | Wired Science |

Engineering - Le voleur de Publisac


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China key suspect in U.S. satellite hacks - Technology & science - Security -
Computer Scientists Crack “Unbreakable” Code, Find Minutes of 250-Year-Old Secret Society | Discoblog | Discover Magazine
Science fiction-style sabotage a fear in new hacks
Pioneering bio hacker group finds home
Analysis of 250,000 hacker conversations
The Electric Leaf’s True Believers Won’t Leave Well Enough Alone -
Top 10 Tactics for Diagnosing and Fixing Your Sick Technology
Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet | Danger Room |
Linux - Means Freedom [The Hacker News Magazine] October 2011 Issue Released ~ THN : The Hacker News
LOIC - Wikipédia



Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More




Mobile internet: Price-paranoid Android? | The Economist
The short history of Mac malware: 1982 – 2011 | Naked Security
How to escape from zip tie handcuffs - Boing Boing
Evadot » A hackerSPACE workshop that’s just a giant bucket of awesome
A message from anonymous to the American Autumn #connect_occupy_reboot - YouTube
A message from Anonymous to the 99% - YouTube
Anonymous (communauté) - Wikipédia
4chan - Wikipédia
Encyclopedia Dramatica - Wikipédia
Rules of the Internet | Know Your Meme
A message from Anonymous to the 99% - YouTube
[NSFW] Exploring the Hidden Internet ("Deep Web")
Hack Canada - It don't mean jack if it ain't got that hack.

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