Samsung's 4TB 990 Pro SSD Is Now Available

Samsung's highest-capacity version of 990 Pro SSD is now available.
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Cooler Master's Sneaker Gaming PC Sells For $3,799

Cooler Master's new Sneaker X mimics the exact look of an authentic sneaker but doesn't sacrifice its visuals for performance, coming with a full-blown i7-13700K and an RTX 4070 Ti graphics card. The only drawback of the system is its high price, coming in at a whopping $3,799.99. From a report: Cooler Master's sneaker case is anything but ordinary; the case has all the visual queues of a giant sneaker doused in red and white. Inside is a mini ITX chassis, equipped with a mini-ITX motherboard, Core i7-13700K CPU, GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card, 32GB of DDR5 memory, 2TB of NVMe storage, and an 850W SFX power supply. Topping it all off is a massive 360mm AIO liquid cooler cooling the i7-13700K that sits at the bottom of the case, wholly hidden from prying eyes. For ventilation, the shoe has perforated outline side panels and one sizeable RGB-illuminated intake fan on the side (which appears to be 120 mm in diameter). There are two cut-outs on the shoe's top and front, exposing the case's insides. To the rear (where your foot would slide if it were an actual shoe), a giant cut-out gives way to the large RTX 4070 Ti graphics card inside. The front cut-out is more obstructive but looks at the system's power supply, RGB-illuminated DDR5 RAM, and rear motherboard tray. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Google's Chromebook Plus Program Targets Premium Laptop Space

Google's Chromebook Plus label guarantees proper performance, specifications, and AI features.
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Raspberry Pi Tracks Unseen Drones Using Sound

This team is using a Raspberry Pi to track drones using sound, so they can be located even when out of sight.
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Grab a Great Deal on the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X for Just $169: Real Deals

Save $40 off the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X right now - this is a brilliant budget option for your new PC build.
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BenQ's Flagship 4K HDR Projector Tempts Gamers With Promises of 150-Inch Images

BenQ X3100i flagship gaming projector claims to deliver lag-free HDR gaming, with projections up to 150-inches.
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Nvidia Desktop RTX 3060 GPU Finally Tops Steam Survey

September’s Steam Hardware Survey results are in, giving updated insight into the latest trends in gaming hardware among Steam users. For the first time, the desktop RTX 3060 lands in the top spot, finally displacing the GTX 1650.
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Microsoft Says Its Getting Easier to Buy Nvidia's AI GPUs

Microsoft admits that Nvidia's GPUs are the best for its AI endeavors and says it it easier to get them now than it was months ago.
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Nvidia RTX 40 GPU Shortages Observed in Tokyo's Electric Town

Retailers in Japan's capital have voiced concerns over tight supplies of high-end Nvidia GeForce GPUs like the RTX 4090.
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CableMod Reveals Improved 12VHPWR Angled Adapter for Nvidia GPUs

CableMod updates its angled 12VHPWR adapter to PCI SIG CEM 5.1 specifications.
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